Butterflies Are Free

Butterflies are one of my favorite insects. They represent to me free will, grace, calm, and tranquility. They also have short life expectancy from 2-4 weeks although adult butterflies can live up to a year. It’s a precious life they lead.

Recently two productions I viewed remind me of butterflies 🦋. First the movie The Fighter(2010) starring Mark Wahlberg as welterweight boxer Micky Ward and Christian Bale as his older brother and fellow fighter Dickie Ecklund showed getting second chances to correct past mistakes and to better one’s life. A metamorphosis of sorts both brothers suffered physically and emotionally from inner demons. Only at the end of the movie were they truly free.

The second show I recently viewed I stumbled on Netflix Russian Doll starring Natasha Lyonne as Nadia a computer games programmer in NYC who on her 36th birthday dies then relives her death over and over again each time getting a second chance at a do over. It’s quirky, clever and brilliantly written. Nadia reminds me of a butterfly trying to free her inner demons and start over. She’s scrappy too just like Micky and Dickie.

I confess I love butterfly motifs even decorating my downstairs bathroom ( loo) with them.

I’m not a Mariah Carey fan per se but even she gets the significance of a butterfly.

Life is a series of loops and second chances are the arc of a rainbow or a look in the mirror.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

More Inspirit

In my marathon running days like twenty years ago now I remember vividly the Dublin Marathon held on the Peoples Day the last Monday in October. I went in 2000 my first solo trip overseas for this marathon and for sight seeing. The day was brisk but clear and the crowds were electrifying along the 26.2 mile route in and around Dublin. I ended up running with a first timer from Belfast and we encouraged each other on whilst hungrily grabbing chocolate and water from clapping bystanders.

Support from not only loved ones but from friends and coworkers is essential to prosper and propel one forward. Sure a healthy go with the flow attitude is a prime ingredient, but so is a pat on the back a “ good going” a “you can do it” and of course a “ you are loved.” I’m not talking about bumper sticker psychology here. When I was running the marathon complete strangers would cheer us runners on. I even heard a “keep steady Irish girl” referencing my t shirt. It boils down to a WE not a me. If COVID has taught me anything it’s that WE can make a difference by listening and learning. Otherwise we will continue to fall at the finishing line.

Is there an inspirit song that has helped you ?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️


All good things come to those who wait or are patient or are hardworking.. well something like that M thought as she trekked the last half mile up to The Rock. She needed head space all the emotional clutter swirling in her head she longed for a gust of wind to blow it away … far away. The last year had been arduous both physically and mentally for M. One obstacle after another kept knocking her down confidence seemed like a distant lighthouse.

M really hated being alone. She always liked company liked to chat, to entertain, to advise, to feel needed. Marriage it turned out didn’t give her that feeling of belonging. So she joined a social club of sorts on line. M was an introvert at heart but years of spinning metal around her heart so she wouldn’t feel betrayed again left her bereft and broken. Then the inevitable happened she got stabbed three times and she’d had enough.

On this crisp autumn day M put her backpack down, her legs stinging from the climb and paused for the sun was emerging to start a new day.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

Guylty’s Holiday RA Fundraiser

As Guylty announced here https://guylty.net/2021/11/19/the-hohoholidayfundraiser-countdown-is-on/

The holiday RA Fundraiser’s goal is to raise money for LOROS charity. LOROS (Loros.co.uk) is a charity near and very dear to actor Richard Armitage’s heart and family. His mum Margaret spent her last months there before her passing in May 2018. LOROS is a UK hospice designed for terminally ill patients and their families to receive free medical and social assistance at their greatest time of need. If one looks at their website it takes a village to keep the organization running financially so all money donated is essential. On a personal note I think LOROS is a godsend to many families and for Richard to spotlight them using his name shows what a class act he really is. My mum went from hospital to an outpatient rehabilitation facility that had a division similar to LOROS which she inevitably would have gone. So I’m especially proud to contribute this holiday auction three items.

Item 1 Thornton Care Basket

I love Richard’s miniseries North and South so I thought putting together a care basket with symbols from that series would be nice.

The basket says RA 2021 and contains a plethora of new goodies from the show including;

North and South paperback book

Thornton face mask

Pineapple embedded bracelet

Pineapple infinity scarf

Peach hand sanitizer

Helston yellow rose stickers

Pineapple washi tape

Single Yellow Helston rose

8 Yellow rose note cards

Item 2: champagne flutes

There are four champagne flutes red, green, blue and purple each with character charms color coded. This item is a collaboration with Rachel (teapoweredcrafting.Wordpress.com) who provided the four character charms ( Thorin, Astrov, Lucas, and Adam)

The champagne flutes are useable but not dishwasher safe! They are professionally engraved with “RA 2021” and will come in a box for safe keeping.

Item 3: Five character glasses

There are five character glasses that designate a Richard character and 2021. The five characters are: Thornton, Sir Guy, Proctor, Astrov and Thorin. Three small highball glasses measuring 3 “ x 3” and 2 taller glasses measuring 2.75” x 2”. They are embroidered with a holiday theme and each glass has the designated character prominently shown. I want to thank my local friend who helped me with the execution of these glasses. I owe her a lemon iced cake.

Again these are usable but not dishwasher safe.

Again I feel honored and excited to donate these three items to the holiday auction. The auction will run from Nov 27 thru Dec 1 and there will be a fixed price auction as well with staggered times ( brilliant idea Guylty) starting on Tuesday Nov 1. For further info on the auction specifics look at the link above.

Happy bidding everyone! 😊

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

Balancing Act

In my mid thirties I wrote a lot of poetry. Chalk it up to experimentation or egregious anxiety or evolving writing skills I put pen to paper ( those of you who know me know I’m a technical dunce) and out came poetry. I’ve tested out my poems here and I found a batch more. Here are my favorites:

Political this time but necessary especially lately.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

Welcome Radaghast to Blogging

A month or so ago my friend Squirrel started her own blog Radaghast ‘s World. It got me to reminiscing when I started my blog three years ago. Blogging has become a creative and emotional outlet for me to vent, rant, share, explain, and connect with others about a variety of subjects. Squirrel has become a dear friend and her support here as well as all who comment here is invaluable. She is so perceptive about human nature and science that I’m over the moon she has a place now to write about her passions and philosophies and pictures.

Here is her link http://radaghast.fr/

Her last article https://radaghast.fr/que-minspire-edward-hopper/

I particularly loved because she linked a painting to a movie with the same theme and plot. This point of view is similar to mine although her execution and adroitness are superior to what I would have come up with. It also was grand that both Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep are two of my favorite actresses. Well done my wise owl!

So please have a look at her blog.

Happy Monday as we start another week.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

Finally Fall

A reminder that Fall in my neck of the woods is finally here. This picture is of a maple tree at my work place. It finally bloomed in all its majesty. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The oranges and reds are just magnificent. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love cold weather which includes jackets, scarves, hats, boots, tights, jumpers ( sweaters) and driving with the windows rolled down.

I live in Virginia on the East Coast of the United States where four seasons are the usual menu except this year summer seemed to stretch on and on and on and I just couldn’t rock to it.

Five Fall Favorites:

Leaves changing to red and orange

Christmas 🎄 because yes I love joy to the world

Hot cocoa curled up on the couch

Jackets and various accessories

Start of ballet season which I won’t see for the second year

What are your five favorite Fall things go! :

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️


Browsing through my photos this past weekend I came across this ditty. I can’t remember where I saw it maybe in a World Market shop. I find it’s a good reminder for me to stay grounded. A few days ago a scary thing happened. We all defined scary differently and for me it’s the possibility of losing another parent too soon. I was beyond anxious and I had an anxiety attack come on. Fortunately it happened at home and not at work but it left me feeling helpless.

So when I was perusing my pictures trying to lift my spirits I found this photo. Yes there is negativity happening it’s a part of life and a test of strength and character. I understand that. But feeling helpless when a loved one tells you they are scared and feel all alone it made me want to jump on a plane and comfort them. It also made me realize how intangible happiness really feels like.

So what makes me happy? Besides the physical euphoria from eating chocolate and pizza and pasta deep down I feel safe and secure. I haven’t found that feeling in a romantic partner yet ( perhaps that’s why my crushes are intense ) so I look for it in other ways. It’s not that I feel uncomfortable with negative emotions ( this so called toxic positivity) because I’ve learned a great deal from toxic people that have been in my life at various times. But happiness must start from within and at the risk of sounding New Agey if one isn’t happy with oneself then venting that suppressed anger in others in a negative way is unhealthy. Kindness especially when things look dark becomes a welcoming sight. I had originally intended to take a break from here especially if the news became very bleak but then it didn’t and all of these emotions inside me had no where to go but here.

So here are things superficially mind you that make me happy:

The Sheriff after my venting last night

What does happiness mean to you?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

Wandering To Get Lost

The photo she saw one evening bored out of her mind did catch her eye. It had all the items she loved: mountains, winding road, panoramic view, lush trees and that “lost” sensation she longed to explore again. Ever since Covid happened last year she couldn’t travel, couldn’t just disappear for a week to a far off land where nobody knew her. Everything and everyone had been piling up in the last year. What she was promised at her job wasn’t delivered. Her ties with her siblings had been severely damaged. The loss of her mother had devastated her sense of security and reassurance. Those thoughts gave her stomach a queasiness that no medicine could fix. Let’s get away she kept pondering.

She’d travelled alone ever since her early twenties. She found traveling easy especially since she loved maps and directions and tourist information centers. Those were a bastion of insights and ideas when one was a stranger in a strange land. So she decided to pack a carry on, go minimalistic for the first time in her life and avoid the “ tourist traps” where gullible people like herself lapped up knowledge from a local tour guide. That was easy just sit back in automatic and enjoy the ride. She had done that in Pompeii, in Copenhagen, in Oslo, in Alaska, on the Rhein, at Niagara Falls ( where she almost missed the bus) and at Stone Henge.

Now after staying in her COVID bubble for nearly two years she would get on a plane and travel to this Place. The road, mountains, trees and sky beckoned her to get lost again.

What does this image remind you of?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

Head Over Heels

Same title different songs different takes .., I thought it would be interesting. I got some unsettling news as I’m writing this post. I’m keeping positive thoughts.


Go Gos

Tears for Fears

Digital Daggers ( from Vampire Diaries)

Cody Davis ( country song !)

Runaway June

Got a song title that has different musical interpretations ?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️