A Small Battle Cry

So last weekend I was looking forward to a long overdue appointment to get a facial and eye brow wax at a local franchise establishment. I had visited the place last year and thought it was decent not grand but not bad either. A few days prior to Saturday’s appointment I rang them up and asked if they had any earlier time slots than 3:15 and that I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed at the same time as the facial. I was told “to just ask the esthetician when I came about the eyebrow wax.” Sure no problem. Saturday arrived I checked in and waited for the esthetician who escorted me back to her room and went over some preliminary instructions. I then reminded her about the eyebrow wax and she said no the “brewing machine had not been turned on and needed a hour to get hot” ( I’m paraphrasing her response). So I countered then heat it up now since the facial takes about 50-55 minutes and the eye brow wax will take like 10 minutes. She said no. I told her I specifically asked for the eye brow wax with the facial when I called a few days ago about the appointment. She countered “ nobody told me that “. So my voice went up an octave in frustration because I have special plans next weekend and wanted the facial and especially the eye brow wax on Saturday to relax me and doll me up. She didn’t budge so I said I felt uncomfortable and left. Then I madly googled eyebrow wax near me found a place with same day appointments and was welcome with open arms. I also booked the next eye brow wax with them.

What I took away from this experience:

1 I hate confrontation ( the original post today was all about that but I have postponed it for now)

2 I hate looking forward to something and having my plans spoiled through no fault of my own ( usually I do something to wreck my expectation)

3 I hate when people don’t take accountability for their actions or lack of action as was my case ( see all my work rants)

4 I hate “making a scene in public” ( the German and Irish were on loudspeaker)

5 I hate feeling duped or that I’m not worth going the extra mile for (ie turn on the freakin machine while I’m having the facial)

Did I overreact? Was I a total bitch to this esthetician? I almost wrote a scathing review online but I decided I’ll never go to this establishment ever again. And there are greener pastures to graze in.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

11 thoughts on “A Small Battle Cry

  1. So glad you were able to rebook. You did all you could but the first place let you down, glad you walked. Some people don’t like to admit that eg they’re unqualified in an added treatment, or the machine is broken etc. It’s their problem in the end, not yours. ❤️

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    1. Ahh thank you Zed. I just kept wondering why all the fuss? It’s an expensive facial and I think that I wasn’t worth the effort of plugging in a machine and letting it heat up for 1 hour is what ticked me off.
      I asked the place that I got in last minute snd that esthetician said no the girl was incorrect in what she told me about the waxing machine.

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  2. It’s a difficult one, last week I had some really bad news, which I didn’t take well. The next day at work one of the managers I don’t get along well with was really rude to me. I got upset and was on the verge of reporting him when it struck me that he might have also had bad news. That my complaining when I was already upset might not be fair. So I said nothing. Was it the right thing to do? I don’t know, but I do know that we have no idea what other people are going through. Having said all that, I reckon just moving on was the best thing. You would have worried if she had continued and that would hardly have been relaxing

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    1. I hope you are ok Deb. My confidence in the girl went downhill because she wouldn’t work with me to accommodate me or meet me half way. So I walked because I was miffed and had started to come unglued with the place’s attitude
      Sending hugs to you ❤️

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      1. Yeah, you can’t afford to have that attitude when somebody can just walk down the street someplace else. You’ve got to be better than the competition (which may or may not mean cheaper) or you’ll get burned.

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  3. If you open a business you are responsible for employees and their attitude to ward their customers,
    1. I don’t like confrontation but I won’t ignore it if called for. If you deserve confrontation this is what you will get.
    2.Like you I do not like planning for something and having it go awry, it just ruins your day.
    3. people should take accountability for their actions and confrontation helps put that in its place not going    back to their business. They just lost a customer and they better watch cause word of mouth can make    them lose many more.
    4. I do not like “making a public scene” but if it is the only way I will    do it, With me it Irish/Italian on the warpath.
    5. Don’t feel duped it was nothing you did, it was a poor people skill showing their lack of acumen   at running their own company, 

    Trust me you did not over react/ don’t get down on yourself when it is someones else who caused the fiasco.Wish I would have been with you to cover your back.

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    1. Ahh thank you Irish. Yes I think that there was no accountability on their part like I wasn’t worth their time just made me angrier and Irish Italian is just as lethal as German Irish my kindred sister you are! 😁


  4. No you absolutely didn’t overreact. and too right you should walk. The salon was providing a service and you were their customer. ( I do get DA Whiittam’s point that you never know what’s going on in people’s lives that might make them behave in a negative way.)


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