Bend It Like Beckham

Saturday night at the movies returns with the sleeper hit of 2002 “Bend It Like Beckham” a movie about a teenage British Indian girl who dreams of becoming a professional footballer like her idol David Beckham. The movie is part love story part morality tale of different cultures facing racism, separatism, and familial obligations. Jess longs to play football ( soccer in American terms) but faces obstacles from both her traditional Indian family values as well as British society that women can’t play football in a male dominated sports arena.

Twenty plus years on the film explores not only girl power but also how minorities try to preserve their culture heritage while still striving to give their children opportunities that they didn’t have. The film has a happy ending trying to achieve the best of both worlds. I found myself cheering for Jess and the innocence and optimism she evoked in the film. Truly a symbol of hope and inspiration to bend it like Beckham.

Music is great from the movie too:

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

8 thoughts on “Bend It Like Beckham

  1. The movie is still relevant because it put an In dian in front of a camera. How much of that do we see even today? The “woman” side of things is less relevant, although you’re right to make the point.

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    1. At that time Beckham was a symbol of greatness in the sporting world and for a woman to look up to that and aspire to be the best I think is always relevant. Yes she was an British Indian but the racism ( she was called a Paky) was still addressed

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  2. Interesting subject to make into a movie and ad an extra layer by having another race in it.
    Rememver in HS we were not allowed to try out for baseball or football no matter how good you were. So heres to hoping it keeps moving forward.

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    1. Yes I think that is one of the statements of the movie that women can’t compete in a male dominated sports arena like football ( soccer here)
      I hope we continue to move forward and I love that the movie points out that in America there is a professional women’s league with their own Beckham like stars


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