Metier Parfait

One of my nieces is taking violin lessons. She’s no Hilary Hahn, Midori, Joshua Bell, or Anne-Sophie Mutter but my niece enjoys learning the intricacies of the violin. My other niece is more into building things like my brother. My sister was always a great sketch artist when she was the twins age. I was a voracious reader and wrote in my journal cliched stuff like my hopes and dreams. I wrote a bit of poetry at twelve and thirteen but wrote more intensely when I was in my thirties. None of us would be considered child prodigies like the folks I first mentioned above but I think at twelve years old just navigating middle school is hard enough.

Although I love to travel I couldn’t see myself living out of a suitcase monthly to write travel books. I love to fly but mainly once or twice a year not monthly. Maybe I could have been a great travel agent but they are obsolete now with the internet and DIY apps like Expedia and Travelocity. Maybe I could have been a script doctor but my imagination isn’t that creative and I’d probably had to live in Hollywood to really earn a living and that’s a non starter for me. I love to sing 🎤 but have stage fright so that possibility was out. I’m a huge theater buff but again the stage fright would stop me from putting both feet on the stage. Ballet 🩰 was my world when I was eight and nine but when we moved to Germany that dream ended. I love shopping and could have been a personal shopper for someone ( how hard could that job be?). I love watching football and tennis and maybe could have been an analyst or side line reporter but I’m more of an introvert and would constantly worry about my weight ( although I do that anyway). My mum always thought I’d be a good “Barbara Walters” because I liked to asked a lot of questions but I chose a different major in college. I could have been a literary agent like Jackie O living in NYC since l love that city. But I chose the wrong major. I could have been a professional marathon runner if only I were twenty five pounds slimmer with a healthy back and knees. I could have been married with children oh wait I was married.

What are you particularly good at?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

15 thoughts on “Metier Parfait

  1. We really can be anything we want if we work hard. You talk about singing and stage fright, I peformed half my life with horrid stage fright, I still get it. I did a bit of theater but I would need
    help on that score a good deal because of self confidence. I plan to restart my painting and draw ing which I got away from so other than singing and art thats it for me. Oh, and I still love to read, oh
    the “if onlys” in our lives.

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      1. yes, reading is a joy, I don’t know how I would spend my time without it. It may be tongue in cheek
        but all you said could be true. Amazing what one can do when you put your mind to it.

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