A Pangloss At Heart ♥️

A year seems like a long time but it comes in a split second now a days. The war in Ukraine reached the one year mark this past Friday. How in 2023 can we as a global community let war continue to happen? Ukraine isn’t backing down and Russia isn’t giving up. Eventually something’s gonna give.

The U.S. has committed foolhardy mistakes depending on how one looks at it. One huge invasion springs to mind that we are still feeling repercussions from. Inevitably time passes and we lose interest or the media spotlights another story or war or mass shooting. The price of eggs has skyrocketed here in the US. Higher energy prices in the US caused inflation to rise last year. Gas prices in the US have been on a roller coaster too even creating a temporary shortage in April of last year. Are we just becoming more easily immune to the troubles in the world and our home countries?

It’s been mentioned here many times the inertia I feel about the state of the world. The senseless violence and catastrophic consequences of invading another country have ripple effects throughout the world. Shining even a flashlight on the one year mark of this invasion hopefully reminds us all how far we still have to go to find some semblance of peace.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

20 thoughts on “A Pangloss At Heart ♥️

    1. The thing here is that Ukraine is a sovereign nation they don’t want to go back to a Soviet Union type of governing structure and I think that’s why one year in Ukraine is still fighting for that sovereignty
      George and Cat were for you ❤️


  1. I think life is a struggle from the moment we are born and continues to be. I don’t dwell on this time and place, I can only have my own voice and I speak it when I need to. Reg. Ukraine,…. someone has to help them and remember what happened in WWII when no one took a certain
    meglomaniac seriously? US only entered the war when Pearl Harbor was bombed when all of Europe was in flames. Sometimes you have to stand up because if you don’t you will be rolled over eventually with everyone else.

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    1. The post is really about struggling to find peace and understanding in such a time of war and violence and not discussing these issues like the war in Ukraine to me is ignoring what is going on. I agree with you other countries need to help Ukraine keep her sovereign status. I admire the people of Ukraine for continuing to fight for their freedom one year in


  2. Only if ALL of humanity can agree to never ever resort to violence (and ban all weapons from the face of the earth) will peace have a chance. As there never ever is a 100% consensus on anything in the world, I fear there will never be complete peace anywhere and there will always be a need to defend from aggressors. A heartbreaking fact of life, I fear. All I can do is my own bit: try to be open-hearted, try to not resort to violence and never ever elect inhumane megalomaniacs into office.

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  3. It is depressing, but not surprising, that in the 21st century wars are still being fought by so-called civilised beings. There needs to be compromise, negotiation and some concession otherwise I fear that the situation in Ukraine will escalate and become wider.

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    1. I would have thought Europe and US would have intervened by now even through back door channels. I think if Ukraine falls then Putin will continue to March to regain former Soviet Union satellite countries


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