An A-Ha Moment

The song sprung forth from the Eighties Sirius XM satellite radio channel as I was driving home on Wednesday. The Norwegian band was huge when my sister and I were teenagers. We saw them in concert in 1985 in San Antonio, Texas when we were in high school. The trio were always introspective perhaps melancholy and grateful for their success. They told the crowd of screaming teenagers “ thank you for hunting high and low”. The lead singer Morten Harket studied theology and philosophy at university. He thinks of himself as an engager not an entertainer which is quite refreshing.

As I was listening to A-ha on Wednesday I reminisced about the concerts my sister and I used to attend. Our last concert together was Elton John in 1997 before my sister moved permanently to Texas. Our last vacation was in 2018 when she turned 50. Admittedly there’s a lot of resentment on both sides of the aisle between us. Growing up we were like twins only 13 months apart even our mum dressed us identical when we were young. Now we have vastly different fashion styles and points of view on everything. All of this begs the question it’s not too late to reconnect to get back some of the a ha moment but I’m still hunting high and low for the answer.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

14 thoughts on “An A-Ha Moment

  1. A-ha did a beautiful acoustic album, only about five years ago, in which they played many of their hits. It’s an MTV Unplugged album and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. It shows the skill all three have as musicians. Morten in particular seems to be a decent human being, let alone any musical talent he posesses.

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  2. My sister and I share a birthday; she’s 4 years older than me and I came into this world on her 4th birthday. I don’t think she ever fully forgave me for interrupting her birthday party. We are extremely different in just about every way. We had a major falling out just before our mother died and didn’t speak to each other for years. When I finally reached out, my sister was overjoyed to hear from me and are very good friends now. Due to covid and the rapid decline of my brother-in-law’s mental and physical health, we haven’t seen each other in a number of years but we text and talk on the phone regularly. If you’re hunting for an answer, maybe I can provide one. Reach out to your sister; things will go as they are meant to go but if you don’t take a chance, you’ll always be hunting for answers.

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    1. Thank you Nancy for sharing your story and advice. My sister and I had a huge falling out when I got married then kissed and made up for her 50 birthday then had another fall out when our mum died. She guilted me for not being in Texas to care for our dad. My brother is there now and had taken over the helm from my sister so yes I should reach out to her. At the mini so it would make my dad feel a lot better

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