Is It Hot In Here?

Some days the temperature feels like I’m living inside a volcano and it’s only February. Sweat, sleeplessness ( from the sweat), suffocating stress, self-induced mood swings, and surmounting belly fat have all rung the bell of the dreaded M word. The M word signals for us women the end of conception and the beginning of well I’m not sure.

Pre M I did experience monthly cycles of bloating often painful craps and torrential mood swings. Alas men are not excluded either. Now the equivalent for men is lower testosterone levels with symptoms including depression, lack of sex drive, and ED. Men’s middle sections also bloat and fatty tissue create nests there too similar to women. In those respects men feel aging symptoms just as likely as women do.

For women like me the M phase of aging started three years ago. I’ve always been a late bloomer. I started my monthly cycle when I was 15. I lost my youthful innocence when I was 23 both experiences were quite physically painful. My mum started menopause when she was my age now 55. For her the hot flashes were the worst. For me it’s everything. I tend to let small things crawl under my skin. I’m definitely less patient now. As someone who has never liked her body the changes that I see now including weight gain, tummy fat and those phoenix rising hot flashes have been hard to handle. If anyone ever comes to visit my house bring a jacket even in the summer.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

18 thoughts on “Is It Hot In Here?

  1. I suffered dreadfully from about 35. I finally made it to the other side about 2 years ago. I took Harmony Menopause tablets. They stopped the night sweats and hot flushes, so I got some sleep, but when I decided to stop taking them I suffered withdrawal symptoms

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    1. I’m debating whether to try something instead of wading it out because Im sweating right now at 7:16 am my time and my day is just starting! I did google about estrogen levels how to help boost them
      With vitamin D which I have and eating flax seeds but the belly fat is freaking me out 😭

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  2. Le caractère héréditaire semble de mise. Bienvenue au club. J’ai plutôt été épargnée sauf par les fibromes, l’anèmie et les risques cardiovasculaires. La diminution des oestrogènes nécessite une bonne hygiène de vie pour contrebalancer. Bon courage!

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    1. Thank you Nancy! I feel like I’m wearing Darth Vader’s entire outfit most days now. I’m a moody person to begin with so the added irritability and self loathing about my weight just makes it harder 😭
      It’s year 3 right now for me somewhere there is a good story to write about it 😁

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  3. Due to chemo which killed my ovary’s at 43 I had it early. but the effects were awful. I learned to
    carry one of those small makeup sponges in my hand because I would drip so bad around the face
    so i would just do a simple touch up with the sponge. Good luck, we all make it through the pain
    of this crap, but it is a part of life, at least we are here. right?

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  4. Yes, hope you have an easy time of it, Michele. ( No more periods!) I don’t know if it is the same in the States but in the UK the menopause is being talked about more, with allowances made in the workplace. (Sorry, male menopause is no equivalent, those symptoms are just aging to me!)

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    1. True Jane no more periods mine were pretty painful in my heyday. I included male menopause 😉because I love the video I found on You Tube and there are male readers here too 😁
      I read somewhere on line about women getting time off for their periods not sure if in US or Europe

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  5. I seem to be over the worst of it (for now), fingers crossed, but have dealt with it for the past 3 years or so and I still have a very occasional period. Those hot flashes in bed at night are no party… I hope it goes by fast for you, Michele!

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