Three days ago on Valentine’s Day Sascha turned 16. As a mum I was filled with both joy and sadness that my first born turned such a huge milestone. She’s very active very bossy very aware of her surroundings but she is partially if not substantially blind. Her hearing is impeccable and she’s still quite obstinate about her surroundings. My two boys respect her immensely and play with her as if she were a puppy. But she’s not anymore she’s 16 now. Inevitably her time will come but I saw yesterday online a dog who was 30 and looked about 15!

Getting back to Sascha from the start she was an alpha female taking over the bed from my other dog Chloe who was twice her size. Sascha or The Sheriff as is her sobriquet rules the roost at home. Nothing and nobody get past her approval. She is by my side when I have my massive headaches. She snuggles with me in bed as I struggle to fall asleep. Even in her blindness she knows where I am at home all the time. She is my touchstone my rock my soul in so many ways.

Do you or did you have a pet that you cherished and gave you emotional support?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

15 thoughts on “Sascha

  1. Of all my dogs I’d say Pippa was the most in tune with me. When hubby and I separated she wouldn’t let him near me. When my nan passed away she sat by me when I cried. She was a mongrel but to me she was an angel and I really miss her

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  2. Every dog I ever had was my special Love. My last one was a great Dane Taz who was absolutely
    beautiful. He has been gone over 20 yrs and I would give anything just to hold his big head in my hand and kiss him. Your Sascha is adorable. Little, sweet and a bit feisty but who can resist them.
    It is after 5 am and I have not gone to sleep yet because I know another Sasha ( my nieces dog)
    who is going to have to be put down today at 1 pm so It is weighing heaving on my mind. My heart
    is breaking for my niece and for all of us really, we have had her for going on 19 years. Enjoy your
    furchildren while you can because they are truly a blessing from God if anything is.

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  3. Sascha is adorable, a real cutie. My cat Lucy is a bitch – literally. She bites my ankles as I walk from room to room and positions her substantial self over the door saddles so we have to squeeze by her, risking razor claws swatting at us. She prefers my husband over me and I feel the same about her. 🙀

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    1. Cats either like me a lot or don’t want anything to do with me. My sister and brother both have cats over dogs. Sascha never liked my now deceased husband no matter what he tried to give her to gain her affection.
      I’m very lucky Sascha is alert and sprightly just her vision is almost entirely gone 😭


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