Never Never Land

A huge positive of feedback from a blog is the comment section because at least for me I get a feel if my post has resonated with readers.

It’s been four years since I started this blog. The anniversary was so under the radar that WordPress didn’t even notify me in October. Anniversaries are two fold for me. Necessary to reflect and realize the event but a nemesis to regurgitate uncomfortable memories. The last four years have passed me by in a blink. The two biggest impacts for me consisted of my mums death in December 2020 and the lockdown from the end of March 2020 to early May 2020. Both made me realize how wonderful and wicked families can be.

In many ways this blog has been a journey for me to grow up. To mature and manage my thoughts and emotions by writing about interest and interactions that have affected me good and bad. Originally the blog was going to be more Richard Armitage focused because I was knee deep in that fandom. But I realized there are far more interesting and entertaining blogs about him out there so I focused more on what makes me tick.

In the four years I’ve tried not to gaze at statistics including likes and comments because I didn’t want to gravitate to topics which garnered the most interests. There are some topics I steer clear of and many more I would like to tackle here but haven’t found the right avenue yet to approach them from. In the beginning I blogged twice a week on Mondays and Fridays always writing out a draft version first then typing it in WordPress. Now I write from my heart free verse then look for typos and grammar structure before I publish. I upped the blogging days to three times a week after lockdown until recently. Do I get stressed about what to write? Yeah sometimes at the beginning of the week I’m a tabula rosa then I get an idea 💡 and write out a post in fifteen minutes. Sometimes I write a post at lunch or when I get home. Sometimes an idea will come from driving to work or I’ll hear a song on the radio and how it has affected me. Of course I’ve written extensively about work and being single. I used to write quite a bit about Richard Armitage even some short fan fic on his characters. Clearly music has a huge influence on me and I enjoy blogging about artists and songs from the 1980s because that’s a huge chunk of my childhood and young adulthood. One of my major themes here is accountability so many posts reflect my views on owning how I act and react to others. The blog also seeks advice on dealing with situations that I’m ambivalent about like work drama, social media, bullying, hypocrisy, and love. I’d really like to think I’m a honest authentic person. I don’t play mind games here. I welcome all comments respectfully and a huge goal of this blog is conversation. I’m always learning here which is why comments are huge for me. In many ways this blog serves more than a diary of my thoughts and experiences but also to hold me accountable for what I say and do. I may be 55 but often I feel like Peter Pan.

What does accountability mean to you?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

16 thoughts on “Never Never Land

  1. Accountability? Let’s try laying that one on the rich white males of the world. Not us simple women or is it simpletons? oh, well, as far as Peter Pan Syndrome I have had it for years, mentally I refuse
    to grow up and I won’t in my mind, as long as I think young I feel young and I intend to keep it that
    way. Anniversaries? that is an amazing amount of time, I would never have guessed it. Writing is
    cathartic to you and it should be. What ever you write about is important to you and you are the
    one writing about it so it gives people a view of you and a view into yourself as you read what you have written. Keep on keeping on!!

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