Anti Hero

I’ll preface this post by saying I’m not a Taylor Swift fan per se. Yes some of her tunes are catchy ( Style comes to mind) but for the most part I’ve not kept up with her music. I will say she is a very hard worker, in my mind has a great work ethic, and isn’t perfect personally. She’s also a gifted songwriter because her lyrics are raw. She uses a lot of metaphors to describe her feelings and in this realm I can relate. Do I think she spills too much tea at times( ie “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together) yeah but for all her monetary success she’s still human.

So when I heard “Anti Hero” from her latest offering Midnights I connected. The song to me is about perception about what people see vs how we deem ourselves as to accountability . And I have to say it’s refreshing to know that someone at her level of success ( first ever artist to have ten singles in the US Billboard top ten simultaneously) has not only doubts about herself but admits when she has crossed the line. I’m not being schadenfreude here at all. “ Anti Hero “ screams “ I’ve got issues just like everybody else does”. To me the song is a poem about owning our actions and making amends and repairs to broken relationships. Taylor has a string of past boyfriends that she has written about over the years. But in Anti Hero to me she shifts the blame onto herself even if she doesn’t really want to admit it. That’s real and relatable and why I connected with this song.

About Harry Styles supposedly
Rumored to be about Jake Gyllenhaal

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

8 thoughts on “Anti Hero

  1. I am a TS fan, and I’m rather disappointed in this album, though kudos for going against the grain. Anti-Hero replays common themes within her songs. The cynical part of me suspects it deliberate, but she doesnt really seem the type to care too much what others think of her

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    1. See I’m not a TS fan because her last few albums sound the same like Madonna now without the facelifts and weird behavior
      I think this particular song I connected with because I think she admits she’s bitchy and insecure and as a woman I relate to that
      One of the few Madonna finds recently I felt she was her true self was Rebel Heart

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      1. I don’t know about sounding like Madonna. Both Folklore and Evermore were folk songs, not really Maddies style. I don’t really know about what’s played on the radio though, I listen to my collection

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  2. Sorry am not into TS or actually very little music that is out there now. Writing music is usually
    about something you experienced, saw or wanted. So as far as anti hero’s go some are very likable and needed to grow.

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    1. Yeah I think that’s partly the message that they are flawed and often misunderstood
      I’m not a TS fan that knows all her songs in fact I think she became someone she despised before she got famous but her work ethic is fantastic and she is a good song writer


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