Another Platform?!

So the big news in social media circles for the last few months is Elon Musk’s battle and victory in purchasing the social media platform Twitter. There was a great question on another blog about how we as readers feel about his purchase. I replied sarcastically that I hope it sinks. See for me personally I knew virtually nothing about Twitter until three years ago. To be mocked and bullied in general are very bad things. Put that in a public platform for bullies and trolls to freely have at other people including setting up fake accounts as celebrities to mock and harass others well it’s all high school behavior. Have you seen Heathers?

So I’m all for free enterprise. I’m all for free speech until it intentionally hurts other people. If someone feels the need to attack others to make themselves feel better and others applaud that type of behavior with high fives or love emojis or endless compliments then something is very wrong with our global community. Trump used Twitter as a tool while in office. Musk has fired those Twitter employees that regulate the content on Twitter. Zuckerberg on Facebook I think has let that platform get out of control ( I’m not on there either). In theory both platforms meant well. They connected people through technology. There’s nothing wrong with that. What is wrong in my opinion is when people use these platforms to intentionally hurt other people.

So apparently there are now other platforms out there to join if one is seeking exodus from Twitter. The fandom I’m in Richard Armitage he’s now signed up with Mastodon which is a software program to self host so it is decentralized. To be honest I’m not sure what all that means. This platform apparently has been around since 2016. The thought of trying to navigate another place with more passwords to memorize and use clever avatars and usernames make my head spin round round like a record baby.

Do you think social media platforms have connected us as a global community or created more divisions?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

29 thoughts on “Another Platform?!

  1. Nothing changed. Bad things happened before, and these media are just more places where it can happen.
    I gotta say, there’s also a very fine line between having a fair-enough disagreement with somebody, and them saying they’re being bullied or abused. That’s very much in the eye of the beholder. A third-party might not agree. That might be what it *feels like* to the person on the receiving end, but not necessarily everybody will see it that way.

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      1. There’s disagreeing which is fine because who wants an echo chamber except Trump and Putin. There is a whole other sphere of attacking people because of how they look or a role they played in a Star Wars movie. It feels awful to be mocked publicly when you haven’t done anything to get mocked about or replied to a comment asking an innocent question and mocked on Twitter about it. It’s very childish boorish behavior and this from adults who have kids!
        I think the key word you used is civilized 😁

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      2. I think a tormented soul will suffer many losses in an uncivilized world
        I saw something online the other day about a proud dog mamma showing pictures of her disabled bull dog and the comments were just horrible ( ie she should put the dog down end it’s suffering ) just because the dog walked with a lip and can’t hear in one ear
        Broke my heart 😭😭


    1. Funny you say that because they had happened to me where I felt I was attacked for a comment I made and another person as an outside viewer didn’t see it that way so good point
      I will say being mocked unprovoked is bullying especially when the bully has mocked others unprovoked before publicly

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  2. “Technology is much better now as evolved more”… could I add for the best and the worst, that’s the dilemn AND OUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE TO OVERCOME , FOR THE COMING YEARS.
    Well, sorry if I’m repeating myself, it’s just, you know…

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  3. Twitter and Facebook, I decided to leave them long ago. No, I wasn’t bullied cause I won’t allow that. But anywhere you have a place where you don’t know who is really behind the mask you are
    going to find bullies and trolls. Real life is full of them too. A computer is like anything else in the
    world it is what you make it. It can be fun or it can turn into a can of worms for you. I belonged to
    a Richard Armitage room for awhile but when I lost interest I left. It was run by an Italian woman who was nice but like all rooms you get them in there too. One role to remember most people are not “friends” on the computer they are computer “acquaintances” and thats it, you treat them as
    such. After awhile, real personalities come out, as I always say the “other shoe drops”. I am quite fine without the programs.

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    1. I will say I have met a few computer friends in real life including you snd they have turned out to be fabulous people!
      I do think the intentions of the platforms were to link people together not to cause divisiveness and bullies are certainly around in every day life. I’m glad you are strong and never had them affect you like I did. It’s awful to be mocked especially for a people pleaser like me. It made my self esteem plummet


  4. Ahhh, as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and unfortunately in this world
    there are always people willing to take the good out of things. Your wrong ,I have been around bullies every day of my school life, so you are not the only one, it’s all in how you are taught to handle it and do handle it. One way is to never let them get the best of you or show that they have
    hurt you in anyway, or it continues and another is to handle it – tell them to go to the road they’ve paved. Its a mad, mad, world and it is not limited to just on sites. You can’t control these people but
    you can control how you react to them, never let them get the upper hand.

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  5. Your right Karma is a bitch and they will get theirs just as we deserve ours in life. You’re such a tender soul and it shows in many ways. Try not to worry about morons, because they are all
    around us. Just watch your six!

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  6. Social media brings out the worst and best of human nature, easily as people can disguise their identities. Along with the freedom to be nasty, it can draw out unconfident people in a positive way. ( I can’t cope with all these new RA platforms!)

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