The Art of Mystery Storytelling

Recently I’ve started watching the Hulu original series Only Murders In The Building which centers around three avid true crime podcast listeners who all live in the same swanky building in New York City. One ( Steve Martin who co created the series) is a once famous actor who played a Kojak/Columbo like character back in the day. The second Oliver (Martin Short) plays a big time Broadway producer past his prime in financial upheaval. The third is Mabel( Selena Gomez) who is squatting at her aunt’s huge apartment “redecorating”. Steve Martin and Martin Short’s characters are old school trying to fit in to the Millennium age especially technology wise. Oliver text Mabel signing his name at the end of the text like a letter ( I love that!) Mabel has a back story and isn’t what she originally presents herself as to the two guys.

The series 1 title originates as the three embark on creating their own podcast entitled yup Only Murders In The Building. A who dun it mirroring the latest trend in uncovering unsolved mysteries via radio. A bit of modern technology meets old fashion storytelling. So far I like how the series has been laid out from the crime happening ( fellow tenant Tim Kono has been shot making it look like a suicide) to the three using a story board like real detectives use to research the likely suspects. The heart and soul of the series are Steve Martin and Martin Short because they throw dialogue around at each other effortlessly. For me as a viewer I love a mystery where there are red herrings galore and subtle clues are given that seem insignificant but are actually the keys to the solution.

There is a series 2 now streaming on Hulu and series 3 will be released soon. I hope series 2 retains the same charm as series 1 in that the art of storytelling leaves us viewers guessing until the very end.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

15 thoughts on “The Art of Mystery Storytelling

    1. Jane it’s kinda all three actually. Some of it is funny like Martin Short signing his name when he sends a text. Some of the back story is quite serious and some of the humor is dark which can be off putting
      The music is jazzy and it’s set in Manhattan so I do like that

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    1. Thank you Nancy! ❤️ there is a certain charm to it trying to combine old world sleuthing with modern technology like texting. I’m over half way through S2 and I like the plot this season better than season 1

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  1. Sounds like an interesting little series, I too love mysteries, but always solve them too fast from
    reading too many mystery books. Funny how you have 2 comedians in the show. I am not a great
    fan of Steve Martin. I used to like him on SNL but i think all the fame went to his head like with most actors. Hulu I had twice and because they had horrible streaming issues
    I dropped them, so I couldn’t watch it if I wanted to unless it comes somewhere else.

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    1. Steve recently said this series is his last acting gig. He’s an accomplished musician as well. He and Martin Short go way back. I think Selena Gomez is a bit stiff so I’m still out on her


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