Netflix and Chill

My nieces were born in 2010 which makes them whatever comes after Millennials. Lately at work we see a lot of actual Millennials as patients telling us older folks to “ have a good one.” When I was growing up that referenced enjoying oneself drinking or eating. Now it’s a supposed good bye salutation. I began wondering what are some popular Millennial phrases that may eventually pop out of my nieces’ mouths that I’ll need Google handily in my pocket.

Sorry Not Sorry: a Demi Lovato song that I do know but this phrase actually means unremorseful conduct or lack of empathy for something said or done. The phrase in itself could describe some of the problems I have with Millennial attitude about social media.

Spilling The Tea: gossiping which we all do to an extent but apparently the tea is about someone else not Yorkshire or Lipton’s or Earl Grey.

Woke: an awakening or spring to life over a cause. It would be more than refreshing if young people voted 🗳 more

Salty: bad mood or grumpy. I’ve seen Meh too which is below salty or equivalent or a hybrid? What’s next peppery ?

The Struggle is real: apparently this is a mocking phrase not a conviviality. When I was in my twenties this phrase would have meant I empathize with the person I understand what they are going through. Now is the antithesis which is sad and depressing.

Thirsty: craving something ( ie followers on social media ) or wanting something so badly it’s time to step back. So if I’m thirsty for water what the ?

Trolls: admittedly I’ve had to have this word explained to me several times in the last four years because I associate it with Lord of the Rings movies but trolls are people online who write nasty comments about others. I find this Mean Girls behavior where karma is the best antidote.

Basic: if my nieces ever told my sister and I this phrase I’d be crushed because apparently it means middle of the road and standard personality and physical look. I would never tell anyone they are standard how mean is that!

Bae: love or significant other. Just say babe or honey or my personal favorite lovely. Listen to Sonny and Cher they rocked:

Bounce: leaving a place quickly. How about just saying gotta go or this

RT: means retweet but as I’ve made my feelings known about Twitter who now will have Elon Musk as it’s head honcho ( who fired 75% of the employees) this is f***

Clap back: retaliation for something said. You s** on me basically I’ll return the favor. A favorite among politicians and reality stars.

Hunty: calling someone out on something with a noun instead of a verb. Is that troll behavior?

Sus: means suspicious but the Millennial was too lazy to say the whole word. Again mind over matter. What’s a good song for this word?

Ratchet: gone off the rails like train wreck which describes me every other day.

I can’t even: get why some of these expressions exist. I’m not a mind reader I don’t know what I can’t even really means!

Lit: euphoric happy. In my day it meant drunk 🥴

Because duh: stupid saying simply stating that someone is sarcastic

Slay: doing an exemplary job. I like the GOT version better

Adulting: get used to this word Millennials it will happen before you know it. It’s my world welcome to it!

Any phrases you use or heard lately?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

18 thoughts on “Netflix and Chill

  1. Every generation has their own saying but I think many of what was written kind of explain themselves. Talk to the hand has been around a long time lol I am of my generation and I usually
    say what I mean. If i am not really sorry about something I just kiddingly say Sorry, NOT or you can use it with many other expressions. Regarding voting it is mid terms and I voted early. Not that
    it seems to matter in this world, I am only one person and it take a lot more than one to change
    the world. So right now, I just go with the flow, or take things as they come and handle them in time.

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    1. I’m voting early on Saturday
      I agree go with the flow it’s easy and less obtrusive
      Doing research on the post was fun because I am clearly out of touch with how Millennials think and act 😂😂


  2. It is fascinating how language changes and each generation invents its own. Some phrases/words seem just lazy but others are so witty and inventive. I often identify with ‘hangry’ (hungry and angry)!

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