The Wandering Sock…

The New York Times has a section called Modern Love which the Amazon Studios series is based on. There was an article I recently read that made me smile. The writer discussed the break up of her long time marriage pre COVID and meeting a guy who lived in her building through his note. He left witty notes for his neighbors and one of them was about an abandoned sock looking for its mate.

The article touched me because it was about finding hope and happiness in a sea of disappointment and frustration. I know what it feels like being in a bad marriage not being understood or appreciated no matter what one does to make the other person happy. The wandering sock neighbor had his own ups and downs which the author was unaware of at the time of finding his note. The note gave her a spark of joy when she needed it. The story did have a happy ending which always works for me.

The article’s intent I think was two fold: no matter how miserable you might feel there is always someone in a worse position and random acts of humor and care go a long way.

Do you have a random act of kindness bestowed on you or you have done for someone else?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

17 thoughts on “The Wandering Sock…

  1. I think that’s a great mantra by which to live life – just to try to help others.

    It’s weird, because so many people post so many memes about how they want to achieve happiness, like as though iort’s something you pick up from the supermarket. But that’s it – it’s seeing someone’s face after we helped them out with something.

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    1. Yes that’s it ! I read that article and thought how lucky the author is because the wandering sock was out there helping others. I enjoy se ring gifts because I want someone to feel special to feel they are loved and cared for especially now a days. I don’t see anything wrong with that

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  2. ahh, you hit on my weakness. Kindness 🙂 There is nothing better for you or the person you bestow it upon. It is
    not only the quality of the simple kindness that matters it is the fact that someone cared enough to do it
    that usually brings the most joy to both. It is always something I try to do if it is in my power, and I will not go over them, because what has been done is not important, other than the person it was done for. What is important is that I try to do my share and people would be surprised how something so simple can make you feel so good. It is a circle, if you start and ask people to pass it on and they do then it continues on in a ripple effect, which is a
    wonderful thought.

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    1. I really like how you said that it is a circle. Kindness toward others is definitely one theme I got from this article. Finding love again and hope from a bad situation are also points I took from the article.


  3. I like the words: “random”
    “an abandoned sock (((I have a whole bag of them that only gets desperately bigger over the years.))))
    looking for its mate”

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  4. People pleasing to feel good emotions back and feeling less guilty are not solutions.
    Delivering kindness, seeking the satisfaction that we are good people and deserve to be loved is pure selfishness. The person receiving may not need it and feel obligated to thank in turn. On the other hand, continually showing leniency, benevolence could raise one’s own emotional level, to a deep destabilization level.
    Just being yourself and giving kindness when it makes sense are enough


    1. I don’t know about that I think showing kindness wanting to make someone feel better via a note or a gift or a shout out is never a bad thing. There is so much negativity in the world today and so many negative people that becomes toxic and emotionally draining. And if the recipient feels “obligated” to thank in turn that’s on them. One can’t control what others think and giving is organic not everyone gives. What’s wrong with expressing love and positive thoughts through giving? I am being myself when I give

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  5. Excess of kindness could lead people to lose themselves in more and more self reassurance, that’s the purpose.
    Being kind like in Japan , I understand; it’s cultural. That produces a soft atmosphere around . Being caregivers is leading us to natural kindness, empathy. Otherwise we wouldn’t be caregivers.

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    1. Yes that’s a great example. I try not to overthink when I give. I hope the recipient likes the gift(s) I hope they smile or laugh
      When I send a note at work I always say have a great day
      I do over analyze but not with giving
      For me it’s natural. My dad is the same way.

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  6. The whole point of kindness is you don’t seek it out thinking “what can I do” true kindness is when a need
    presents itself and you act on it because of what is inside of you, usually empathy. You have seen
    the misery around you or the pain and want to help someone out. Shoot if $5 gets so and so to see mom
    is it a big deal? Them seeing their mom is. If kindness does not come from the heart you are seeking
    rewards then you have destroyed the meaning of it. Even a beautiful smile can make a difference, trust
    someone who has seen it work in rehab for people who could not walk or with other physical injuries. That is the whole point of asking them to pass on kindness to others. You ask for nothing for yourself and hope what you
    did has some effect on this world. Right now everything is centered around “self” and this is making our
    world a hard place to live in. If you are selfish you cannot be kind because you want everything for you
    and that is the antithesis of kindness.

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    1. Yes agree with you and paying it forward is fantastic in an ideal world but I don’t expect whatever I do for someone else that person will in turn help others. I give to bring joy for me it’s that simple. No hidden agenda no expectations ( I would be setting myself up big time then)
      I don’t understand why that is such a hard concept? I try to be kind. I’m not looking for anything in return
      I think there’s not enough empathy in the world
      I tend to put myself last lock my feelings away because I don’t want confrontation but since when is being positive and kind toxic?


  7. No one is assured of anyone passing it on when you tell them to. it is saying I want nothing in return, but if they do , that is the good part, if they don’t then they don’t just have the feeling to do so. It is on them not you. Kindness is
    done expecting nothing in return, it becomes a part of us that dwells inside. Something positive and kind is never
    toxic, how could it be? Toxic is something poisonous and very unpleasant to others and yourself if you let it.

    When you show empathy you are never toxic because you have the ability to share and understand the other person. You have a sensitivity toward the person’s situation, which is never a bad thing.

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    1. Agree with you. Although admittedly it is hard to be happy go lucky all the time. We are all human after all. But I concur with you about kindness and empathy in my opinion is always positive


  8. One cannot be happy go lucky all the time, outside influences in our lives change and it is our decision on
    how we react to it all, it is just human nature.

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