Three Years at 420

Blog post 420 today not that 420 is a significant number to me but more the date Oct 18. Three years ago I launched this blog. I didn’t know much about blogging. I was a newbie in a fandom for actor Richard Armitage. I joined the fandom to socialize to break open my shell and say hello. I’ve accomplished that almost too much now that I feel like the shell needs me back.

Writing is subjective it has to be because the authors thoughts, words, tone, syntax, meaning and theme inevitably come from within. How can it not be? For me the goal of my blog is to chat to record my thoughts and experiences to engage to reflect and to learn. Sometimes I hit the mark often times what I want to write ends up in a different theme or subject. I started three years ago writing rough drafts then transferring my handwritten draft onto the computer. Now I write all blogs on my phone. I usually get an idea in my head and start dictating through my fingers onto the blank page. I’ve written a lot of angry posts over a few situations that were bad at the time but now in glorious hindsight have become blessings. Then there were a few what I thought were decent relationships and connections that devolved into na ( never again) as my dad fondly says when he is disappointed with a restaurant. Mistakes are a means to make us mere mortals better humans more appreciative of the great people in our lives.

At this juncture I want to thank every eye, finger, thought, accidental look, comment, like and view that have landed here. I try to stay genuine here. The worst insult to me is to attack my character. I have many flaws in fact I try to discuss those here to help me deal with them to change the negative ones and accentuate the positive ones. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. The most endearing blogs to me are those that are honest and reflective because I as a reader can connect that “Ahh I’m not alone” vibe goes a long way!

I read other blogs to get to know the blogger. I used to go back and like a novel read the posts from the beginning but three years ago I had more time on my hands then I do now. I recently discovered a new blog that I enjoy. It’s funny, cheeky, enlightening, engaging and genuine. I get the humor and the commenters are equally engaging. There’s a symmetry there that’s refreshing.

Three years is really small potatoes compared with other blogs out there. I admire all bloggers for their creativity, craftiness with words and capability to connect with readers ( ie likes and followers). I’m not a stats person and yes I recently lamented about lack of comments but my end goal is to connect and chat. It’s trying to free the butterfly out into the world.

So thank you. I’m deeply grateful and gratified by all your support.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

34 thoughts on “Three Years at 420

  1. On my main blog, comments is where it all really starts for me. I don’t notice who follows or likes, but I note and try to each comment.
    On the other blog I’m involved with, it’s a bit different. It’s newer, smaller and far more niche. I actively look for similar blogs in the reader and put my blog’s name about, just because a lot of WP is tit-for-tat. But, you know, when people interact with it . it at least tells me I’m not wasting my time writing on it. Because I have a big question mark right now, whether to stay involved.
    Pre-covid I posted 2-3 times a week, but my posts really started ramping up in number when I started taking part in prompts. I started doing a daily prompt just really as an “I’m okay” thing.

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    1. Yes see for me comments give me feedback and good and bad I’m fine with because I know how it feels to have a different opinion than the blogger but feel uncomfortable commenting because it will get attacked or not even be heard
      I reply to all comments
      I also think engaging on other blogs is a form of socializing and for me reaching out and saying hi
      I ramped up from twice a week posting to three times when lockdown started last year March
      I feel I’ve had a lot more to say recently
      I hope you continue to blog
      It’s a great blog and your commenters are funny and sweet


      1. Comments are the best guess that people are actually reading. One of the plusses of wp is that it tends to be older, more like to encourage than to put down. It’s possible to disagree with people but it’s done respectfully. Normally.

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      2. I like WP to me it’s user friendly and was easy to set up my blog
        I agree about the comments although I understand if people read and scroll or don’t want to write anything
        Respect people absolutely
        I like hearing different opinions and different povs which is why I ask questions sometimes in my posts

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      3. I think we just need to remember that this is a written medium. We only need to state our view once, and an unbiased readed can read it several times, if they wish.
        I onve commented on somebody’s post, and they came back at me…. with exactly the same reasoning they’d put in the post! Three times! And I could feel his comments getting slightly louder each time 😉

        I can remember the disagreement perfectly. They said that a particular accent should not have connotations, good or bad. The particular context was South Africa.
        I said they *shouldn’t*, but they *did*.

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      4. Friendly banter and even disagreements are fine but I find if I don’t agree with a post ( ie recent portrayal of Diana) my voice isn’t respected as much as those that 100 agree w the blogger. There are touchy subjects though that I don’t even bother commenting on like religion 🤔😳

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      5. I didn’t say anything because the blogger and one commenter were ripping the actresses to shreds who played Diana and the one commenter just tore The Crown to shreds. So when it swept out Emmys I was more than delighted! 😁


      6. It’s very good imo but the smugness just got to me and I couldn’t say anything like “I beg to differ” so when the cast won and the series got best drama series I was jumping up and down inside! 😁

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      7. True although I was more thinking privately how they intersect would be fascinating as a fly on the wall
        What I liked about The Crown aside from the terrific acting was Peter Morgan would pick a real story and put his interpretation of what he thought the Crown should behave like and react all conjecture but still clever

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  2. So hard to believe it has been 3 yrs. Congratulations on that one! What else would a blog be but your
    own words flowing from mind to fingers? When someone tells me I write really well, I tell them I simply
    write how I think as I am thinking it. It is a great therapy session on its own and unless you type a
    blog about how to do something, I think you really have no choice.

    You pick what is on your mind for the day and go from there and somedays you are in a good mood and other
    days not and as such it comes out in the expression of your words. Face it, it would be hard to always be in
    the same “delightful” mood and come up with something constantly cheerful and uplifting. Kind of like
    sharing a personal diary, but not quite as personal.

    If I wrote a blog, I don’t think it would matter how many followers I had, I would be writing for myself and if
    someone wants to share it that would be a good thing for both of us. Especially if it touches someone in some way.

    I have always enjoyed your blogs and as someone who hasn’t always commented on them, because I
    don’t feel the need to comment, but you know me long enough to know I always read what it is about.

    So here is to many more blogs and ideas that are floating around in that brain of yours. Wonderful
    pictures posted today and it makes me want to take off and just go. Now that is what I feel I need to
    do. See you inspired that simply by some pictures. 🙂

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    1. Ahh thank you Irish for your kind words and support
      You are so right the blog for me is a personal diary and has upbeat as I try to be even attempting humor at times there are subjects I need to vent about
      I appreciate all comments and I get inspiration from other commenters here
      I do write for myself but I want to be engaging w people here too
      I like that sentence you said “ Especially if it touches someone in some way” ❤️🤗


      1. To touch someone in this life is a gift and one to be spread around if possible. It kind of helps with one
        of those “what am I doing here questions” and gives you a chance to feel you accomplished something.
        Either small or big, it helps put things into perspective sometimes.

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      2. Yup definitely I’ve wrestled with stuff here like my mum’s death last December that I needed an outlet to grieve
        I’m not creative like you are singing or crafty with my hands and I do enjoy writing so to me this blog is a nice fit
        I know it won’t appeal to everyone but hopefully there are connections for some. Who knows


  3. Le temps passe trop vite.
    Toutes mes félicitations!

    Y consacrer tant de temps chaque jour montre votre implication et dévouement.
    Ce n’ est pas une sinécure.
    Votre persévérance est admirable, compte-tenu des risques encourus à s’exposer ainsi.

    La liberté d’expression est un luxe aujourd’hui, il faut la défendre.
    Merci de m’y avoir laissé de l’espace comme “guess”.

    Comme l’imagination , l’écriture peut se révéler salvatrice.
    Continuez ainsi tant que vous en ressentez le besoin.

    Désolée si je ne prends pas toujours le temps ou si je n’ai pas l’inspiration pour vous répondre.
    Bon courage, il en faut pour monter cette pyramide de mots, Néfertiti.

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    1. Squirrel thank you for your beautiful words! I am honored that you guest blog here and you are a source of wisdom and inspiration to me!
      The blogging definitely has helped me deal with certain things and I am grateful for any and all support here ❤️🦉


  4. congrats on 3 years and also being inspired to keep writing great posts! you know me, i’m very slow (though a lot of my posts are about making stuff and going out and there hasn’t been a huge amount of that recently! lol)
    keep it up!

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    1. Thank you Susanna ! I couldn’t resist getting it!
      I enjoy the challenge of writing and researching topics now and it may sound crazy but I enjoy the pressure to be creative and write on different topics although I sometimes feel I am too open for my own good 😂

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