Together Forever?

Last Sunday I watched Together starring Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy as a couple who are at odds with each other and themselves and must cohabit during UK lockdown last year. The story starts on March 24, 2020 and ends on March 23,2021. They have a son Artie who is the thread that keeps them together. There were many incidents in this movie that resonated with me.

One such incident was my mum passed away at the end of Dec 2020. I couldn’t attend her funeral because of COVID so my dad and sister went to the funeral room and the funeral was live streamed. I felt relief in many ways not having to go because to see her in a coffin would be to face the reality that she had really passed away. The last time I saw her alive was on a Zoom family call with the nursing home staff and she was crying out in pain because her left hip had been replaced and her left knee which should have been replaced couldn’t now. She had fallen at home last year September broke her hip and never recovered. The two characters in Together discuss how death affected each of them a thread that created an affinity between them.. again.

Another aspect that the two characters discuss is how COVID affected front line workers and people who work for and/or barely above minimum wage. How they are the forgotten ones looked down upon by the rest of society like refugees are now. At one point McAvoy’s character says the bakery stocker is the true hero of the lockdown. The couple also discuss how diligent everyone was at the start of lockdown( ie social distancing, wearing face masks) versus ten months later with complacency setting in. McAvoy’s character uses the word sanguine to describe how he feels and I concur.

Lockdown was very difficult to handle for myself not only the loss of freedom of movement and travel but also the constant reminder of loneliness and anxiety which I think this couple dealt with through acidic shots at each other’s weaknesses. The movie showed a political, economic and social mirror of not only UK’s impact from COVID but also what we thought pre COVID was decent may have been worse than what we have now.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

9 thoughts on “Together Forever?

  1. One of the things I do now is voluntary work – they call it a telephone befriender, so you can guess what it entails. With the start of lockdown, I saw this a lot.
    But I don’t necessarily regard it as complacency. Rather, we went from a point where we knew nothing about COVID, to a point where the information was there, if we looked for it.

    It made me think about broadcasters – and how we have nobody who fills that role of disseminating public information. Even the BBC, which you might think of as public, was more interested in sensationalising the deaths, than in educating people about the virus.

    I watch very little TV but this programme sounds interesting.

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    1. I think there are parallels in the US too as far as broadcasting goes. I watch no network shows or cable news anymore because it to me sensationalized the deaths instead of disseminating why people should vaccinate
      MCAvoy was particularly good here
      Horgan is a bit one dimensional but I do like her as a writer and director ( This Way Up and Catastrophe)

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      1. Even, in the first instance, what to do to stay safe. I remember at the start government here told us about quarantining. But not why. Was a period of quarantine necessary before we got treated? Stuff like that. None of it was made clear.
        Not least, that 1% fatality number was known very early on, but none of the broadcasters seemed to pay attention to the 99% survivors.

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  2. it wasn’t an easy watch, partly because James McAvoy’s character was very hard to like and i felt manipulated to like him towards the end-despite his abhorrent politics and behavior towards that shop worker.

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    1. Agree but acting wise I thought he was much better than Horgan given the heaviness of the material and he dumps the auburgine stuff the end when Artie tells him he doesn’t really like them


    1. I liked it more than I thought I would
      I like Sharon Horgan but to be honest in this I found her a bit one dimensional. Same mannerisms same tone but the two actors work well with each other and it deals with a lot of hot button topics

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