Saturday was made for Bond James Bond

No spoilers here in fact I rarely discuss a movies plot more what I liked about the characters and how they impacted me.

Matera, Italy is definitely on my travel list sitting on the southern Italian coast with winding roads and back in time architecture. This city opens Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond in the long awaited ( at least by me) No Time To Die.

I have Herba ( to thank for referring Daniel Craig’s turn as Bond to me. I never was a real Bond fan although my sister and I saw A View To a Kill with Roger Moore as 007 only because our fav group at that time Duran Duran sang the title tune. I never saw Pierce Brosnan’s 007 four films outing. Craig took over in 2005 with Casino Royale. Herba was very convincing to give Craig a go and I’m glad I did!

So the Saturday evening started out with dinner at North Italia an upscale restaurant in Reston where my friend who just bought a house will move to next month. My meal was too heavy on the pesto and not enough chicken. We had garlic white truffle bread as an appetizer which we hoovered down! I had pre bought the movie tickets because I didn’t know if it would sell out ( it didn’t).

My only piece of advice is watch Spectre(2015) before you see this Bond movie. I barely remembered the plot of Spectre but wished I had as there are countless references to it. For me all Bond films are a geography buff’s Mecca and this film also takes Bond to Cuba ( where I was in 2018) and of course back home to London. Lots of cheeky dialogue and action and Craig is fit as a fiddle at 53.

Craig to me was a good Bond because he was suave, sexy, smart and sure of himself but in a very subtle way. Again I don’t have much to compare but the long wait was worth it to me.

The name of the drink was Veni Vidi Vici
Chicken pesto w pine nuts

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

18 thoughts on “Saturday was made for Bond James Bond

  1. I always thought James Bond was a sad parody, so of any of them, Roger Moore played the character best, as basically this unbelievable chauvinist. I thought the problem with Craig was that he played the role far too seriously.

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  2. sounds like you had a goodnight, despite too much pesto! i have enjoyed Daniel Craig’s Bond-they really refreshed the genre and i liked how in Skyfall they really mad some big nods back to the past. I’ve always enjoyed the Bond films, been going to see them in the cinema since Pierce Brosnan took over from Dalton. I always find them good fun and the unrealistic nature of them makes them thrilling to watch without worrying about it these things happening in real life! I also love the Bond theme songs
    Hopefully we’ll catch it at the cinema too

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  3. To me reading the books as they came out connected me to Sean Connery as the perfect Bond. He had the class and the voice plus he played it with humor at times and deadly when needed. Goes to show how our perceptions are all different. I disliked Roger Moore’s version the most he played him too light with not enough grit when called
    for. For me, he played him too tongue in cheek with not enough masculine persona coming through. The other one I liked was Pierce Brosnan he again has that classy look, with those eyes that can pierce and a wonderful accent and he plays him very close to Connery’s style a bit of a joke/ or quips at times yet very serious at others. They wanted Pierce years ago for Bond, but his TV series “Remington Steele” would not let him out of his contract. Poor guy. I like Craig in the few movies I have seen him in but as Bond, I don’t know. I guess when you read all the novels by Flemmings you get a preconceived picture of what he is like. So here is to all the Bonds and all the people who like each one for different reasons.

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    1. I know Pierce took awhile for he became Bond and I will have to see his four movies down the road
      Moore was dashing and old school to me and Craig was more modern and low key almost too light hearted
      Knives Out is a great movie Craig is in if you haven’t seen it ( on Amazon Prime)


  4. Sounds like a good night out. I’m not mad about Bond but like all the locations. Sean Connery was my favourite Bond: suave, charming and ruthless. Timothy Dalton was good to, but rather humourless. Daniel Craig is charmless to me.

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    1. He is charmless I agree and how he can run in those air tight too small suits of his I’ll never know. Craig is funny to me because I think he’s parodying the series in a good way
      Dalton : what else has he been in?
      Connery is my dads fav Bond too
      I love the locations too ❤️❤️❤️👍

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  5. Sounds like a lovely night out!
    I think I have seen them all – the old ones on TV with my family and the newer ones in the cinema. I always watch them and do enjoy them at the time, but once I step out of the cinema the plot sort of disappears from my head as well and thinking back now I can never quite remember what exactly they were about (except for saving the world from some sort of super-villain). 🙂 I’m not big on Daniel Craig (yes, I think charmless, as Armidreamer says, may hit the nail on the head) but he’s alright. I liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond and also Sean Connery.

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    1. The plot I can’t discuss but yeah it all bleeds together and these last few have been long over 2 hours
      I watched Skyfall and then Spectre after No Time To Die which is why I recommended watching Spectre ahead of No Time because a lot of references I had no clue what they were talking about
      Craig is easy on the eyes and he is very fit for almost 54

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