Round is better than square?

I saw this quote last Wed ( 10-6-21) and it has stuck with me. Not just for a post inspiration but more for the meaning behind what the French artist meant. Stay open to new ideas new ways of thinking be flexible which in this time of COVID seems spot on. We’ve had to adapt everything in our lives for COVID. I use travel as an overt example because that’s an area I truly miss. I was browsing EBay last weekend and typed in luggage and carryons more to see what would pop up. I don’t need new or rather more luggage because I’m not going anywhere except to Texas this Christmas to see my dad and sister. Still I was curious…

Another adaptation I’ve conquered since practicing it during lockdown last year is grocery shopping. My main grocery shopping is done every 2-3 weeks where I stock up on staple items. I’ll go sparingly to buy salad mixes for lunch or if I’m low on bottled water but I try very hard to stick with the 2-3 week rule. During lockdown I had no steady income so my “ spare no expense” unrealistic approach at the store became only get the bare basics don’t go overboard! During lockdown here where I live in Virginia the shelves were barren not only of loo( toilet paper) but also frozen foods, cereal, dairy products and bread. When toilet paper and Bounty paper towels become a luxury item because it’s a rare commodity something’s gotta give.

Although Huey Lewis and The News sang about “Hip To Be Square “ meaning be true to yourself a square box has no escape it’s going round and round same way. Change should be embraced. One can see change as a positive growth learning something new expanding one’s knowledge and perceptions or change can be feared that it will lead to disaster., fear of the unknown. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone exploring beyond the box is one takeaway from COVID devastating as reality has become…

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

12 thoughts on “Round is better than square?

  1. In the UK, we are currently facing shortages of not just food (it is possible to buy substitutes but once-stocked shelves are now empty), also fuel (pumps nationally ran dry a few weeks ago). pumpkins, of all things (nobody to pick them), christmas turkies. And gas. Now, of course, it isn’t so much COVID, but our government’s flagship policy of refusing work visas to foreign workers.

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    1. 🙂 I agree.
      But when Michele wrote: “One can see change as a positive growth”
      I was thinking of “One can see change as a postive decrease” .
      But the world’s population is growing exponentially. Economic decline, advocated by rich countries is a crime against humanity.
      Meanwhile Earth’s resources are less enormous than we thought. We who were wasting, now must learn not only from the Covid crisis but… to save and to use wisely… Let’s reduce our trash waste to save humans and this planet.
      My quote: “Think before buying or throwing”

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      1. Change that benefits not hurts I should have written and I agree with all your examples. I think it boils down to adaptability and conservation of our resources
        In my mind I was thinking moving forward emotionally spiritually instead of looking backwards

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  2. Like the quote and I can just see all these thoughts running all over the place. That is how I am. If I let myself
    go,I cannot sleep at night for my own thoughts won’t stop so I have learned to have someone else’s go through
    my mind. I put on an audiobook, listening through an earbud .very softly, and the words block out my own and I am elsewhere and in no time go fast asleep listening usually to a Georgette Heyer book read by RA. Soothing voices bring soothing rest. Either way, it is a way this insomniac has learned to beat the wide-eyed nights.

    We are not out of gas but oh, the prices are climbing, I do notice that. Everything seems to be going up in
    price. I have a pen pal in the UK and have not heard from him for a while and am slightly worried so all of
    you keep safe and well in other places as we do try to do here. Actually, we are all in this now, aren’t we?

    Love a good quote. So many of them, if you are open.

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    1. Well you know I love Heyer! As a fellow insomniac my head is constantly awake and I haven’t tried the audiobook route but I’m glad it helps you ❤️
      Bacon went up so much! Our gas prices have jumped up too
      I second UK keep safe


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