Linus and Me

Growing up in the 1970’s as a child I watched Little House On The Prairie, The Love Boat, Charlie’s Angels and Peanuts. Although I had a soft soft for Charlie Brown I really loved Linus and his blanket. I have a ratty blue blanket that I sleep with. It’s not that old from 2014 but between the three pups and I it has seen better days.

Linus to me was a kindred spirit. His blanket was his security against bad things and people to an extent. He was a loyal friend to Charlie Brown but also honest and caring. Lucy was such a strong presence that Linus struggled to find his voice sometimes. I think that was me in high school. There were far more Lucy’s when I went to primary and high school and I found it hard to compete.

It’s difficult finding one’s voice wanting to shout out “ here I am!” when anxiety and shyness and perhaps over sensitivity keep me from expressing myself more. As much I try to stand up for myself I allow others perceptions to creep in and influence me to an extent. Again I think it boils down to acceptance and aggravation that I’m not as self confident at my age as I should be. We all have our own security blankets that protect us and provide us with comfort and care. Linus is a giver.. he tries to be a peace maker and in his attempt he often comes up short sighted. But his trusty blanket always saves the day…

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

11 thoughts on “Linus and Me

  1. I liked Charlie Brown and the ensemble. I also liked Linus, if I were to compare myself to Linus. He had his
    blanket I had a teddy bear that I couldn’t do without. As far as the clips you showed, I would be the first
    Linus telling the bully off. I too never fit in, but I also learned if you let the bullies do what they like to do, you
    will never break the cycle. So I would take them on, never started anything but as they say I finished it and
    they never bother you again. It is just how their personality. Ahh, I do so missed seeing Snoopy love the
    Linus faint and Snoopy runs for water then drinks it himself. Adorable, such a simpler time.

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    1. I really liked that scene w Snoopy getting the water then drinking it himself 😂😂
      Linus means well he has a good heart. His blanket is an extension of himself. I think it means it’s ok to want and need things to make us feel secure.
      If only all bullies were held accountable for their actions instead of being put on pedestal by people 😳😢


    1. That’s ok Squirrel it’s a metaphor I’m using how being an outsider can be a blessing. Linus was the voice of reason for the main character Charlie Brown
      When you were growing up was there a fairy tale or children’s book that you really enjoyed?

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      1. – My grandma told us stories and celtic legends from Brittany, where she was born.
        – My father came back home from remote various work sites with educational games. He liked playing with us. He bought lot of classical music peaces 33rpm too.
        – My aunt French teacher lived with us with lot of various books in her shelves to read …
        So no television , only radio station in galena…

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      2. That’s so wonderful that your grandma told you stories! I admit we watched a lot of television growing up and my father is a huge movie buff so we saw a lot of movies too
        He also loves classical music 🎶❤️


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