Muse For The Muse

Inspiration hits from just a sentence sometimes. Jane’s comment on her beloved Muse band was once upon a time Richard’s Fav band got me to thinking. How much does music play a part in creative thinking? Music can certainly inspire us to harness our emotions outwardly via painting, drawing, writing, singing, crafting, sculpting, and breathing. Music is positive energy. It helps lift spirits, calm nerves, motivate exercise and release pent up emotions. In that vein I thought here are my top 5 Richard Armitage characters and songs I would dedicate to them:

5. Daniel Miller: my first exposure to The Armitage

4 Lucas North: his nuances I adore now

3 Francis Dolarhyde: his morphing into The Great Dragon mind, body, and soul just mesmerizing

2 Raymond DeMerville: he just is misunderstood and this movie Pilgrimage is brilliant just like TM winning his Emmy!

1. John Proctor: Thank you Yael, thank you Digital Theatre, thank you Anna thank you Samantha for bringing out the absolute best in this tour de force performance.

Do you have a favorite actor or actress top 5 characters ?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

18 thoughts on “Muse For The Muse

  1. I’m not very much into actors, I see them mainly as the front man, with the brains sitting somewhere behind them. My favourite actor, however, was a French guy called Michel Serrault, and I would watch any movie he was in. I know his characters, but not really their names.

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    1. I had to google him! I’ll throw this to my French friend Squirrel if she knows of him
      Armitage for me was a way to come out of my shell and socialize more three years ago. His characters are almost lives of their own the way they are analyzed and immortalized
      Post is light and airy orb that was my objective after several more intense posts lately 😊

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      1. I used to watch a lot of French cinema, I generally thought the movies were better quality than UK/US. But while I enjoyed his movies, they never moveed me in the way that words or music have. Or art, come to think of it.

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    2. Great actor in great movies I agree but old ones. He could play a notary, who was summoned to the police station to testify on the murder and rape of two little girls in “Garde à vue”
      I should call it the attraction of the unknown because:
      while you were watching Michel Serrault in “Le viager” 1972
      I was watching: Maggie Smith in “My Old Lady” 2014
      It is the same subject treated on both sides of the Channel

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  2. Music is my forte and that can move me as no movie star can. I use to drool over RA but that is past, don’t get me wrong I still appreciate his acting ability. He was especially good in his earlier series.
    Music takes me where no movie can. I need a voice with a good range, emotions sung from the heart, and great breath control. I have been listening lately to Josh Groban’s “Stages” album and his songs from different plays. Ah, his voice does me in There is a song and anyone who saw Les Mis knows it, “empty chairs at empty tables”. I cannot listen to that song without crying it is that powerful to me. Its meaning and his interpretation are so above what one expects.

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    1. Music is very emotionally uplifting and inspiring. I will say some movies stir me and make me think as do many songs. You did like Richard in My Zoe right? I thought he was brilliant in that movie. The Stranger series not so much 😂😂


  3. nice blog post (as usual) i agree it can definitely be positive energy, i listen to a slightly cheesey radio station at work because it gets me in a good mood and helps relax my patients. Music can accentuate any mood-if i’m sad then sad music will make me wallow even more! lol It’s also, i guess why music can be so important in film soundtracks-to exaggerate the tension or soften the mood. I would like to watch Pilgrimage again, despite it gorey ness!

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    1. Ahh thank you Rachel ❤️ I too listen to music to accentuate a mood and totally agree with you that music in a movie can really add a layer to the story like location in a plot becomes another character
      Cheesey radio station like 80s? 😂😂😂


  4. Music has so many positive benefits. Listening to Muse’s uplifting power actually gave me the courage to leave a job I detested and I never ate meat again after I heard The Smith’s Meat is Murder, so music can change lives. Gorgeous pick of Daniel – drool!


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