Eyes With A Face

I recently ran across this gem rummaging for blog ideas. Here it is first:

Before I delve into my thoughts on my four features, I listened to an interview that my new Bf made with The Guardian a few days after Prince Philip passed away. I learned apart from that Bf has a new affinity for the Royal Family from playing Prince Philip for two series (seasons) in The Crown that Bf is thin skinned (like me!) and doesn’t like confrontation ( again like me). He likes to mooch around London unencumbered. I’ll mooch along with him any ole time!

The interview was thirty minutes but it was so quick I wished it had been longer! He laughed and was very playful and seemed genuine.

There was a great blog post recently by Esther on her blog discussing hero worshipping of actors, and I was chuffed to participate because actors are real not saints and Richie has faults just like the rest of us.


Anyway on to the heart of this post facial features:

Gemini’s like myself : eyes, laugh, words and soul

Eyes: mine are green. I’d like to think Irish green after my dad’s side of the family. I think my eyes are my best feature. I was notoriously shy growing up always hiding my school books in front of my face walking down the corridor. I do make more eye contact now. I don’t want anything near my eyes so no eye liner no mascara just eye shadow. I wear reading glasses too now but not all the time.

Hazy photos on purpose 😁

Laugh: I don’t consider myself a funny person naturally. I take a great deal of time warming up to people. I think it’s mainly trust issues. I went to dinner with a local friend a few weekends ago, and she told me I had a great laugh that I am always smiling and positive ( not when someone pisses me off 😉) and she missed that. I was bowled over. It’s interesting people’s perceptions of us. What I think is being nice someone else may consider over reaching. My mum always taught me to be kind to others because you never know when you are in a jam and need help.

Words: I’m a lover of words. If you read here I’m an alliteration freak. I think it’s because it challenges my brain and it’s a cacophony of creativity crawling carefully in the caverns of my cumulative thoughts.. One of the benefits of this blog is to download my moods and reflections into visual examples and hopefully find solace or synchronicity with others. That’s one of the goals anyway.

Soul: My favorite feature here because I think the true spirit of someone is their soul. I don’t always understand people’s behavior. Maybe I’m not supposed to. Maybe I should be grateful for those around me who inspire me, teach me, mold me, placate me, hug me, message me and love me.

What are your best features?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

30 thoughts on “Eyes With A Face

  1. You have beautiful eyes Michele, it was one for the first things I noticed about you – and I love your glamour-puss sun-glasses and I think  you are a great sense of humour. As for the astrology signs, I think only ‘words’ is accurate (which we share – wow that was an awesome alliterative display!). My smile is thin and sickly, and displays my wonky teeth, and I have never really identified with the notion of a soul..You’re right, other people’s perceptions of how we are can be so different to how we feel about ourselves. I am often described as calm but if people only knew the turbulence inside! (Despite the circumstances, It is great that TM is getting this press attention.)

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    1. Thank you Jane so much ! I am a sunglasses freak although I don’t have as many as I wished I did 😁❤️
      You are beautiful your eyes are magnetic and you have a beautiful smile!
      So let’s explore the turbulence inside a bit more. Elaborate please ❤️😘

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  2. Lips laugh, words , soul … Ok, lips should not be in there I have thinner lips and never liked them, i would replace it
    with my eyes ( which are one of my better features) Laugh, yes! I love to laugh and i use myself a lot of times
    as part of what I am laughing at. As they say “if you can’t laugh at yourself you’re in trouble”, yes i am pretty good
    at what i want to say and I have always wanted to write a book but normally get to chapter 3 or so and then draw writer block, also I am excellent at verbal sparring, with a man I need one who can keep up or no click. Soul,oh
    yeah, it is definitely a life of it’s own that is strong and has pulled me though when I shouldn’t have made it .In many many ways and many times. Plus it gives me the ability to appreciate kindness, giving and just being a general. good person. Basically it makes me who and whatever I am.

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    1. That’s what I mean about soul it’s what defines a person truly makes them loved and be loved
      You have great lips! You are very honest too which is great
      What books did you start writing? Fantasy inspired? Ireland ?


      1. The first one in Ireland was a fantasy , but I do not know about Ireland to treat it right and if I can do something correctly I would rather not do it.. but I will keep trying, maybe one day.

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  3. I def agree with laugh for you…you are funny and you smile loads!
    I like the glasses btw 👌
    So me its skin, movements ,ideas and heart…yeah I’d agree with that though I am clumsy!
    Glad the TM interview was such a good one

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    1. Skin: you have Nordic gorgeous skin I’m envious 😘❤️
      Movements: you float like a butterfly and swan
      Ideas; you’re very creative and McGyverish
      Heart; you have a heart of gold extremely kind and generous ❤️❤️

      TM: he was so playful and revealing here just a pleasure to listen to it 😁


  4. I loved your description of “download my moods and reflections into visual examples” 😎 as for the zodiac signs, it says mine are: eyes, movements, voice, and mind. I disagree with the voice, but who actually likes the sound of their own voice? 😛

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    1. I love your voice hello Rocky the Raccoon?!!
      Eyes: yes because the eyes always are the gateway
      Movements: I need a tik Tok challenge that you need to video 😁
      Mind: spot on. Your blog is a great example of your mood and reflections into visual examples ( I was thinking of your social media post when I wrote that)

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    1. First I thoroughly enjoyed your Audrey post because you humanized not only her but all celebrities and people in general. It’s nice to read a post that doesn’t put RIchard on an invisible pedestal and shows he is real just like the rest of us

      That is true which is why I wrote the title. ❤️🤗

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    1. The sunglasses look was after my hair coloring on Saturday
      The reading glasses I have to wear at work
      Are you playing along here ? Your words are definitely a great feature and your voice ❤️🤗


      1. Trying to understand this article, because Covid time is not what I understood as time passing. I need time to understand what I am living through this uncommun period.
        Illusions of Time

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      2. Covid time allowed me to discover some truths about myself snd others that helped me make sense of what was/us going on
        It is an uncommon period but you have worked steadily through it all
        What are you searching for? What have you learned from Covid time that you didn’t know before it?


      3. Of course your leisure time is different from mine. You have a family that leans on you. 7 cats that need you
        The blog here isn’t just about RA it’s about human nature and interaction
        Covid affected everyone differently and similarly
        You are very inspirational to me with your stamina and energy always moving forward ❤️

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