Pen-blwydd Hapus

Birthdays to me are days to remember loved ones and friends. They come once a year and particularly the last year with the pandemic raging many birthdays can easily slip by unnoticed. Some people would rather forget birthdays while others quietly celebrate. As a gift giver birthdays to me are exciting and exceptional because I try to find unique gifts that speak to either a theme or the recipient’s personality or interests. Today a dear friend celebrates her day and I unabashedly celebrate her.

R: resourceful, resolute, radiantly beautiful inside and outside, romantic and Richarding

A: authentic, adaptable, adorable, accomplished, astral,!amused, and amazing

C: creative, clever, compassionate, crafting,calm, candid and curious

Cmas pressie 2019

Bday gift

H: heart warming, helpful, hospitable, happy, humorous and huggable

E: empathetic, easy going, efficient, engaging and effervescent

L: lovely, loving, loyal, listenable, and lively hair

As an Aries Rachel is determined, honest, confident, optimistic, passionate and courageous. Eddie Astrov and Florence adore their mummy. Her blog is always engaging and excellent.

What started out as fandom friends has grown for me into a close confidant and shoulder to cry on chum who I adore and admire with all my heart.

Happy Birthday Rachel! You are a blessing to all of us who love you and respect you!

Stay well stay safe ❤️❤️❤️

9 thoughts on “Pen-blwydd Hapus

  1. Ah you big softie!
    I’ll try and be good and accept the compliments, but I am British and we’re not great at that!

    Thank you so much for your kind presents, they really are lovely and incredibly thoughtful. My white boar will be cherished!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am a marshmallow 😂❤️
      There was a theme to the gifts with the clues and I almost gave the white boar gift secret away a few weeks ago so I’m glad if you were surprised!
      You are amazing and thank you for accepting my gifts as they were intended from my heart and soul ❤️🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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