Howth cliff walk

When a random message comes across my desk and I stop and pause to Google part of it inevitably it winds up in a dream. Howth is near Dublin, Ireland. I went to Dublin in 2000 to run the People’s Marathon held in the last Monday in October. The euro wasn’t in place then. The exchange between the dollar and Irish pound was 1 to 1 and the trip marked my first solo trip at 33 overseas. At the 13 mile marker I met a woman from Belfast who was running in her first marathon and we ran the last 13.2 miles together. When I crossed the finish line I hugged her and started to cry because the sense of accomplishment and acknowledged mirth was overwhelming.

When I planned my trip to Ireland 🇮🇪 I wanted to see the birthplace of my grandfather who emigrated to Texas from County Cork. I heard about the Blarney Stone and knew that was a must see. I also love trains and took a train tour to Cliffs of Mohr. I should have been training for the marathon but I played instead.

What I took away from my trip 20 plus years ago was that I can be a sociable animal. I can step out of my comfort zone and engage with others and I’m a good traveler. It’s hard to travel with others. One must find the right combination of common interests, temperament and patience. I learned with my sister to keep her happy and fed to indulge her love of pop culture and to keep my mouth shut.

When we started on the two hour walk from Howth -Cliff Path Loop to reach the cliff tops my mind was calm, composed and carefree.. We walked side by side pointing out foliage or birds flying near by or sampling’s sprouting until we reached the cliff tops. Never mind I knew he would be awaiting us back in Dublin along with my companion’s long time mate. The two men much like us barely knew each other but bonded over a love of bridges and books. My mind never wondered what he was doing did he miss me when I wasn’t around. Our time together was a bit Outlander as I lived in America and he lived in London. We four ended up deciding on a weekend in Dublin at the last minute. My last crush wouldn’t have gone on holiday with me last minute. More of a homebody he would rather stayed home binge reading Harlan Coben then taking me away for a mini holiday. The writing was on the proverbial wall with him. But this crush was different. He put my needs first. He liked nature and welcomed new adventures although he admitted a fear of flying. My companion asked me what I saw in him and I told her he was genuine. No guards up by me no need to seek his approval which so often I tend to do to be liked. Perhaps getting older means no longer caring what everyone thinks just who really matters are those that want to be around you for yourself. When the walk was over we returned to the train station to board the DART train back to Dublin to meet our chaps for dinner. When my companion asked me why I was smiling I told her I was really happy.

I woke up from my Sunday nap feeling a tongue kiss my lips. It belonged to my 75 pound labradoodle who wanted lap time with mamma.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

15 thoughts on “Howth cliff walk

      1. I responded to TM in the dream once we went back to the hotel room!😉❤️
        Eddie has a way of bulldozing his way into my lap at 75 pounds he likes to sit and recline his head so I cannot view anything! 😜

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  1. Dear sweet Eddie, He’s the man!!! lol Great on running that marathon and what a beautiful country. it is my spirit country and I would know where I lived should I see it, it is in a cottage, high on a cliff with waves crashing against the rocks below. This is where I need to go and stand. I hope so badly to be able to travel in the fall. i am ready to go. Just one comment the line about traveling with your sister, if you can’t be just who you are and yourself then
    you do not have a good traveling companion. keep your mouth shut indeed!.. Speaking of TM just finished watching The crown and he was very good as Prince Phillip. (You couldn’t pay me enough to be part of that family.)

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    1. My sister is very different from me and I’ve learned to just let her have her way and avoid conflict
      I loved The Crown! I think TM really shines in S3 over S4 but I like how the episodes humanize them
      You would love Ireland ! Cliff of Mohr especially
      My hope you travel in the fall too ❤️


      1. We shall book a flight together. I am eager to go. lol See if I have to avoid conflict then i do not classify
        myself of being with someone who is compatible. Just me. Yes, enjoyed TM very much.

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      2. I’ve got so much stress at work and with the family now that I try to avoid negative stuff
        Glad you enjoyed the Bf I’ll let him know 🤗😂😂❤️


    1. The trip was the first time I did go alone and it forced me to be social
      The marathon was the excuse to travel
      I love these dreams where not only do I remember them vividly but they are happy and I’m happy in them

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