The Case For Raymond

As soon as he rode up on his horse in the forest in full armor with the Caesar like hairstyle and uttered his French greeting my heart started to beat for Raymond DeMerville. Raymond was a man on a mission. He had more than a few issues with his father. He was both a leader and a son but Raymond was lost too. Torn between loyalty to his father and wanting to be a Conqueror of his men Raymond’s ultimate decision cost him his life.

Sooo misunderstood

What I find intriguing and intense about this portrait done brilliantly by Animori is his sexual prowess. His eyes glare through me. The red splashes pain and agony from both sides of him and the look on his face pains my heart. Raymond loved nature …the forest was his sanctuary. He chose the path that was his destiny. Seeking his father’s approval was an impossible task. In the end Raymond was true to himself.

Tre bien!!

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

18 thoughts on “The Case For Raymond

  1. As I have not see him as Raymond I definitely will accept your take on his character. And regarding the stare from his eyes, I don’t think there are many actors that have mastered the technique of facial acting quite like Richard has.
    He doesn’t need a script half the time, you know what his character is thinking. Obvious this character touched your heart and that is what an actor is to do.

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    1. Yeah he did in an odd way because yes not that nice of a guy. I won’t give away what he does but I think I just liked the look and the French speaking so much!!
      I agree with your observation that “he doesn’t need a script half the time” well said ❤️👍🤗

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  2. Ani did such a great job with this portrait! well done on suggesting it to her! he’s a very strong character -physically and mentally and that definitely comes across in the picture.

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  3. 🙂 Sans les paysages somptueux de l’Irlande et la musique du film, il n’y a pas de grand intérêt dans l’intrigue.
    Cette épopée est sanglante et les faits religieux criblés d’erreurs selon Servetus.
    Reste qu’il y a la présence physique d’Armitage qui incarne parfaitement encore un guerrier fou.

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    1. I think the film tells the tale of wanting something so much one us willing to give his life for it
      It is an allegory and most movies have facts inaccurate so that is one persons opinion
      The geography and soundtrack add to the depth of the movie and yes it is bloody but so is war

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  4. Yeah… no… Raymond is very much not for me. I mean, I love that Richard can imbue these evil characters with vulnerability but still Raymond isn’t for me. He looked good, though. 😉

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  5. A brilliantly argued case for Raymond, Michele, and I agree with every word. Raymond is incredibly sexy: his intensity, sardonic responses and French accent are seriously potent. Animori has captured him beautifully. Have you read any of Fizzy Custard’s fanfiction on Tumblr? Their ‘Raymond de Merville x Fem!Reader’ series capture Raymond’s brutal charisma so well.

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