Your favorite …..

It’s Friday and I’m gonna try to get some things done and shipped off this weekend. So I thought let’s ask some fandom questions:

Your favorite John and why:

1 Thornton

2 Proctor

3 Porter

4 Standring

2 Your favorite Richard action movie and why:

3 Your favorite pairing of Richard and ____

4 Richards best trait is his ________

His compassion

5 What one question would you ask Richard about his roles up to now?

What lesson did you learn that will help you as a director?

6. If Richard ask you to dinner and where to eat what type of restaurant would you take him to?

Italian pizza !!

7 What song comes to mind to describe his acting career?

8 What board game would you play with Richard during another lockdown ?


9 What two fandom items would you give to Richard as tokens of appreciation?

My Thornton snow globe I won in the 2020 Birthday Auction and a poster of Daniel Miller from Season 1 of Berlin Station that Kelly gave me because my first love is Daniel Miller

10 Complete this sentence: “Richard you are the ________ to my __________.

Richard you are the arms to my aching heart.

Wishing everyone a great weekend !

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

63 thoughts on “Your favorite …..

  1. For me I guess it would be John Porter, a man of strength and integrity who had a soft spot but because of being
    in the business he was in could not always let it out, occasionally it would shine through. Action movie: the Hobbit, when he swung Orchrist around loved how he handled it and the way his blue coat flowed with his actions. I have no favorite pairing with Richard. Trait: how he can use his voice.Roles: Why do you pick such bad roles and your
    characters always die. Food: Tea room and their goodies. Song: it describes him more than is roles Adele’s “I set
    Fire to the Rain” Board Game: Chess items: none that I can think of or have. i could do a charcoal sketch of him.
    “You are he memory to my past”

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    1. These are great answers especially chess although you would wallop him! I love your last response
      I liked him in The Hobbit but he was fabulous in Pilgrimage ❤️
      Adele’s song good choice


      1. Thank you I had to think how I feel about him now and he is more of a memory to me now. Yeah i thought
        Adeles song fit, we are never what people think.

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      1. I think through the acting he is working through his troubled soul
        Perhaps I’d ask him if the bullying he experienced growing up and if it happened again as an adult helped him in forming baddies that he’s played like Mulligan


  2. 7 What song comes to mind to describe his acting career?

    ICARE SONG – Clip – (Hymne à la Coupe Icare) Marianic
    Because like Icarus, he burned his wings by wanting to approach the USA stars.

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  3. 2 Your favorite Richard action movie and why:
    MI-5 Spooks because this BBC series offers a large panel of various scenes, where he was able to exercise the different facets of his talent.

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  4. 9 What two fandom items would you give to Richard as tokens of appreciation?
    Nokisuu’s organic, virgin woolen knitten socks with my Radagast and Thorin drawings.

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  5. 1 Your favorite John and why:
    I can’t choose between Thornton true, Proctor powerfull, I prefer John Bateman (than Porter), Standring disarming.

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