One Year Ago……

Planning is everything to me. I am fortunate to have friends who are planners too. The trip to see Richie last year in Uncle Vanya at the Harold Pinter Theatre over two consecutive nights was six months in the works. We strategized seating and accommodations and the icing on the cake was meeting three other fandom women to share it turns out a rare experience thanks to Covid.

When I got on the plane the night of February 24, 2020 I was in pain. I had tripped earlier that day taking my 75 pound Labradoodle Eddie to the boarding vet. He leaped out of the car not into my waiting arms but over me as his leash broke and I landed on the stone front walkway. I dulled the pain on the plane with wine and tried to sleep. I had packed a portable onboard suitcase and a duffel gym bag under the seat which was filled to the brim with gifts for Rachel, Anne, Esther and Jane. Of course I also had Richie’s two mega books that would be gifts to him from all of us. The pain of lugging that gym bag through Heathrow to catch the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station 🚉 to meet Rachel was a 6.0 on the Richter Scale. Admittedly I tried to hide my physical pain because I didn’t want to be a kill joy right out of the gate.

When Rachel and I started planning we looked at hotels for economy, equalitarianism in space and egress to various spots on our checklist. The restaurant on Tuesday night where we met the girls was very close to the theatre. The dinner was quite lovely and I remember Anne had Flat Richie with her at the time which was a traveling journal project that paid homage to Richie and our respective Home countries. The first night of viewing Uncle Vanya Rachel and I sat in the fourth row to the right of the stage and boy when he walked out my heart skipped a beat. Looking back a year later and watching recently the movie version of the play I completely missed a lot of dialogue and details of the cast because I was so fixated on Richie. I had been fangirling on him for two years then not as intense as I had in the beginning but still things stirred up in parts of my body that had been dormant for awhile. And Stage Door when he sprinted out, dashed to the back working his way up I was tongue tied and sweating! And I foolishly thought I would be cool, calm and collected! A year later I realize how fortunate we all were to not only see Uncle Vanya live but also to see Richie in his native habitat.

Wednesday’s walk around Convent Gardens and lunch and our dinner with Anne at the Japanese restaurant right by the theater were all gifts that got me through the rest of 2020 especially lockdown for 6 weeks. And then Rachel and I went to Edinburgh on the Flying Scotsman and we stepped into North and South. I enjoy reminiscing especially now when my emotions have been a roller coaster from one extreme of elation to the other of anger and despair. I gave my Uncle Vanya signed program to my friend Jacque. My warm Scotland hat has come in quite handy this winter. The trip last February would become an emotional booster shot as Covid grew more pervasive. I long to get out my duffel bag again….

Because British Airways pilots went on strike the day before I flew out had to take American Airlines from Washington to Charlotte then to Heathrow
My love of pergola and Rachel, Esther and I taking a pic in front of HP Theatre

This was Tuesday night program I wore a Russian inspired dress. With jet lag my Armitage “god he’s very sexy” senses were in full mode

We were skulking around London

Thornton hmm

Richie is every where!! ❤️❤️🤗

Our look says it all no Richie on Wed night Stage Door
I adore butterflies. At our first hotel in London

Views on The Flying Scotsman I couldn’t resist Newcastle reminded me of Richie doing PR for Urban and the Shed Crew

My red dragon goes with me everywhere.I adored this hotel 🏨

Where’s my hat ??!!
Afternoon tea suggested by another friend and movie mayhem EMMA 2020 version

The Hobbit Richie following us and trying to recreate Margaret on those steps

Chocalatorium tour ( orgasmic truly) and more North and South adventures at Hale house seems for sale

Our last supper out in Edinburgh and souvenir junkie that I am that hat has been a lifesaver back home this year
My love of pergolas couldn’t resist and back home in London for Six!

Last day in London we went skulking around Camden I saw this T shirt thinking of Esther

My fav view of Regents Park
We hit up you know who’s corner of the world

Flying home to Virginia and a gift from Rachel Richie’s SD Candy of choice

The week last February including Leap Day was magical, memorable, and meritorious in providing a safe haven for me to just have fun. Thank you to my travel mate Rachel you are a gem 💎 and like family. Thank you to Esther and Anne and Jane for your kindness, humor, and interest in a 6’1 Moody anti socialite. Thank you to Jacque for telling me to just have fun and relax. Indeed!

Stay safe stay well

25 thoughts on “One Year Ago……

  1. Happy anniversary lovelies! It was fab meeting you all. What wonderful happy magical memories. it is hard to believe it was just a year ago after all that has happened this year. I am sorry that you were in pain, you hid it very well. That pic of sad you and Rachel underneath RA is hilarious. I feel your pain but I am so glad he came out for you the previous day. (I still don’t know where that Japanese restaurant is!)

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    1. Jane I’m so glad you came on Wed night got a fab seat behind what’s her name with the big hair and I’m sorry Lana Del Ray cancelled but it was definitely our gain
      We will do a redo in London at the Japanese restaurant and take all of you to see Six! 🤗
      It has been an absolutely pleasure to get to know you and thank you for your kindness and humor and grace ❤️

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    2. 🙂 They were a lot of asian restaurant near the theater… I used to rest by, eat or buy food in. I am thinking, it was a small one but memories are flying away…

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      1. You are not alone armidreamer… to have hopeless sens of direction.
        In Le Mans’ station, I took the wrong train car. The result was two hours in a jump seat, while my first class seat remained empty.
        On the way back, with overpaked-luggages, like a donkey, I took the wrong direction in Picadilly-station. Result boarded in Heathrow direction, I had to climb the stairs above the tracks, in an unlikely suburb town, to turn back towards Saint Pancras station. Fortunately I had taken 2h30 of beating.

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  2. Lovely photos and memories. Amazing how fast or slow a year can go depending on what perspective you are
    viewing it from 😉 Keep hoping this fall travel will be back in style and done safely because I want to take off.

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    1. Oh me too for fall I really would like to fly again but we will have to see
      Even Canada is no go right now
      True on the perspective
      That week last year flew by but lockdown crawled for me


  3. seems weird that it was a whole year ago, our little adventure certainly kept us going through the pandemic! it was so lovely to meet Ann, Jane and Esther aswell and stage door was great fun.
    I really wanted to go back to London this year! got the bug again! lol
    and i can’t believe you kept your fall from me for so many days!
    that afternoon tea was pretty insane!

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    1. The adventure was a godsend knowing now what I didn’t know then
      When we were walking around Paddington that gym bag was so freaking heavy and your stuff was in there along with Richie’s and Esther snd Jane and Anne’s and my arm just was on fire
      I thought it was broken on the plane it kept throbbing but I didn’t want to alarm you and I was in denial too
      The whole adventure was just magical and meeting the other women icing on the cake ❤️

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