The Truth About CATS and DOGS

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We grew up with dogs, cats and guinea pigs in our household. My mom loves animals and she has passed that love on to myself and my siblings. My first dog I got was a pug/schnautzer mix I named Sunshine (Sunny for short). Sunshine lived to be 16 years old. She loved everyone. She was always happy and had a halcyon outlook toward everything. She was never cross, never upset and taught me to enjoy life. She was a fighter up until the end having insulin dependent diabetes, glaucoma and Cushings Disease. My second dog Chloe was a border terrier. She lived to be 13. She had pancreatitis when she was 10 and almost died. She taught me to never give up. She ended up having a brain tumor and grand mal seizures. We took her on a tour of Washington memorials a few months before she passed away so she could be outside and among people which she loved. Whenever  I get to a negative place I think about how hard she fought to overcome her health issues, and it gives me inspiration to move forward. My third dog Sascha is an alpha. She is the boss “Sheriff” in my household. Nothing escapes her attention and she is clearly in charge. She is a beagle/schnautzer mix and is the antithesis of Sunshine. Sascha can get upset at a drop of a hat and keeps the boys in line. She is very smart and hoards her treats. But she knows when I am sad, upset, blue and comes and cuddles and comforts me. Her nickname is “mommy”. Maximilian or Max or Maxie as he now responds to is my middle child, a cocker spaniel who is all male: built like a line backer, obsessed with food, sleeps a lot and does his own thing. He has taught me to chill and relax more. Don’t sweat the small stuff so much. He and I have horrible sinus allergies and ear issues. And the baby is Edmund Eddie who is a Labradoodle. Eddie is built like a giraffe who thinks he is a 10 pound lap dog. Eddie is protective, loving, clingy, anxiety ridden, rambunctious at times and keeps Sascha young at heart. Eddie has taught me to smile more, hug more, be more patient and treasure the people around me.

My family have cats. My good friends have cats. Cats and I have boundary issues. Some cats like me. Some cats tolerate me. Some cats hide from me. Cats are like children with their parents very much like dogs. Cats are loyal but finicky. Cats are smart and cunning like my parents’ two cats. Cats seek attention and unconditional love just like dogs do. Maybe I’m drawn to animals because I can’t find that in humans. There always seems to be a clause attached. We all have positive and negative traits. Perfection really doesn’t exist… how can it? So for me I gravitate to people like me who get me who I find qualities similar to me..

My go to comfort movie in my thirties before Bridget Jones came out in 2001 was The Truth About Cats and Dogs (1996) ( a fable about a radio host veterinarian Abby (Janeane Garofalo) who is confident on the inside but insecure about her appearance. She meets through her radio show a photographer Brian  (Ben Chaplin) who ends up adopting a Great Dane. The photographer also meets Uma Thurman’s character  Noelle who is beautiful on the outside and confident when it comes to men but allows men to control her. Janeane’s character Abby has a cat. Ben’s character Brian has a dog. And yes there is a happy ending. The movie shows how men and women are very different but very similar and how what we see isn’t always what is real.

Do you think animals teach us anything? If so what?






25 thoughts on “The Truth About CATS and DOGS

      1. well er I think it was my itchy fingers spelling wise and I missed a / also in the address link so I am super glad you pointed it out. I resent the email to some buddies to with my apologies..,


  1. You put your heart and soul into these auctions and own money!! I hope it wasn’t too late. I have spread the word among some other fans I recently met so hopefully a huge success. That video is amazing!! Those auction packages are superb too!!


      1. Squirrel that is right! I have a no kill policy at work and at home. I scoop them up and set them free outside. Bees are tricky for me though I had a long time phobia against them because I was stung when I was 3 by a wasp and was terrified of them for a long time.


  2. My cats teach me patience, the importance of a schedule. They give unconditional love and they know when I’m down or Spawn is down. Last fall, he spent a week with his grandparents and every day when I came home, Widgette – his girly-girl – would sit at the door, waiting and waiting. They slept with me that week and they weren’t happy about it.

    This past spring, when he was in the hospital, having his pulmonary valve replaced, they stayed with my parents for 4 days. For 3 days, they didn’t see them. Both are shy and stayed under the bed. Mom said she knew they came out at night, because in the morning, the food was gone, the water was lower and there were poops in the litter box. However, my son left his bathrobe at their house and they laid it across the bed. The next morning, both Widgette and Lord Thunderbutt were curled up asleep on the bathrobe. They were missing their human.

    I’m just the person who feeds them and cleans up their poops, I guess. LOL!

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    1. ahh both Lord T and Girly Girl love you very much!! There are pictures as proof too!! I think patience and keeping a schedule are both excellent examples! The unconditional love aspect is so important and I know you would give your right kidney to help both of them out…

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      1. Lord T loves me because I feed him and give him scratchies. I also talk back to him.

        Girly Girl loves me because I feed her and give her scratchies as well. They both prefer Spawn. They sleep with him and Girly Girl lays all over him in a chair and the minute he lays down, Lord T is on top of him.

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  3. As you pointed out there are things you can receive from a dog or a cat you will never receive from humans. One is unconditional love ( humans are incapable of it, ego gets in the way) – Loyalty one of the greatest traits to find in humans and I love how they don’t care how you look, what mood you are in. I have always been an animal lover which was taught to me from my Mom. From a very young age she taught us how to handle them properly so you did not hurt them. We always had a house with dogs and cats together which I think is wonderful. As you said they know when you are sad and try to comfort you. Cats are equally smart and lovable in their own way. I had a cat who from watching the dogs would get in a line with them and wait for his treat plus he saw them giving a “high five” and he did it also. When you are surrounded by animals you know you are surrounded by love. I personally am not comfortable around most people and am shy, but strange animals will come up to me and take to me right away because they can feel the love inside me for them. Very perceptive.

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    1. Irish I think you and Zee bring up great points about animals are very perceptive and loyal… I guess for me the unconditional love aspect is what I need because no matter what mood I am in or #antisocialite my three pups are happy to see me come home. I spent all weekend at home with them and they were glued to me..


  4. it’s always nice to hear about peoples pets and their personalities. I like that there are things we see in them, that no one else ever gets to see or experience. I mean with Gresley, last night he snuggled right up to me-i was lying on my side in bed and he comes right up behind me and sticks his nose in the crook of my neck and purrs and breathed hot air. I mean, i’ve never known a cat to spoon a human like that! lol

    re the film – i actually saw that before it was released- i was walking down Piccadilly when i was stopped and asked if i wanted to see a film for free and it was The Truth about Cats and Dogs and i had to fill in a questionnaire about it after! lol -how weird! massive crush on Ben Chapman too at the time

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    1. Rachel,
      Gresley: yes I am glad he spooned you last night, He needed his mum to feel safe and warm..
      Eddie spoons me all the time and I am his human sofa, his head is on my legs, back, stomach..

      I saw the film originally with my sister when it first came out, We loved it right away. Ben Chaplin was cute. I had a small crush on him too although I lost track of him when Ralph Fiennes and English Patient hit the same year…

      Wonderful you were able to see the movie for free: test audience I think is what they call it here. That’s something I have always wanted to do…

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      1. Chaplin… muddled
        yeah, i also watched another biopic about Marilyn too but that was fairly forgettable!
        hopefully i’ll keep getting loads of cuddles from my boy x

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      2. Oh I knew who you meant… he was cute in his heyday.. I saw him in Murder By Numbers with Sandra Bullock and thought he was sexy there for a New York Minute..

        yes Gresley will hold on to you,, you are his security blanket his mum… my fingers are crossed for much longer and peaceful for him trotting around his garden

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  5. I saw that movie many years ago and then again not too long ago. Fun movie. 🙂
    I grew up with dogs as pets and loved having them, I still love dogs. However, my greatest wish was to one day have cats and once I got my own apartment, the cats came and I’ve not been without cats since. I adore them, the way they are independent and yet so loving as well. Pets teach me about love.They love us unconditionally and we love them unconditionally as well. I wish it was easier for people to love people that way.

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    1. Esther yes yes yes your last sentence I think goes to the heart of this blog and this post. I really wish that were the case… I am the dog owner in our family. My brother and sister both have cats. My parents have 2 cats. I would love to get a cat but I am at full capacity right now with my three pups. I’ll enjoy cats through them and through my friends who have cats too

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