Sunday Spring Steps

Best laid plans sometimes fall to the wayside or require Plan B. With all the Spring talk and flowers blooming I needed to get out and socialize really exercise since it had been a long while. My friend Jacque joined me on Sunday and I took her downtown via George Washington Memorial Parkway close to Reagan Airport to … walk and chat. We left early enough around 10:30 and found out where I had previously parked ten years earlier was completely full already. Plan B was to find another area to park which we eventually did after I got sidetracked with going off on the wrong exit 😳😮🤨.

And so we walked, hoofed it because there was a barrier dividing where we parked and where we could safely walk which took awhile to cross. We stopped to have some iced lemon cake ( which I didn’t make) and take some pictures and video. The day was sunny, dry and no humidity around 64F/17C really ideal climate for us. Many cyclists were out, walkers, runners, lollygaggers like us some wearing masks some not. Both of us have been fully vaccinated so stepping out of our bubble was much needed. It was great catching up with her. Below are some pictures and video I took.

Loved the fullness of both trees

Trying to get Washington Monument in the foreground and last picture my duck obsession continues

Love these trees and water view into DC

My video skills need work! 😄

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

Eyes With A Face

I recently ran across this gem rummaging for blog ideas. Here it is first:

Before I delve into my thoughts on my four features, I listened to an interview that my new Bf made with The Guardian a few days after Prince Philip passed away. I learned apart from that Bf has a new affinity for the Royal Family from playing Prince Philip for two series (seasons) in The Crown that Bf is thin skinned (like me!) and doesn’t like confrontation ( again like me). He likes to mooch around London unencumbered. I’ll mooch along with him any ole time!

The interview was thirty minutes but it was so quick I wished it had been longer! He laughed and was very playful and seemed genuine.

There was a great blog post recently by Esther on her blog discussing hero worshipping of actors, and I was chuffed to participate because actors are real not saints and Richie has faults just like the rest of us.

Anyway on to the heart of this post facial features:

Gemini’s like myself : eyes, laugh, words and soul

Eyes: mine are green. I’d like to think Irish green after my dad’s side of the family. I think my eyes are my best feature. I was notoriously shy growing up always hiding my school books in front of my face walking down the corridor. I do make more eye contact now. I don’t want anything near my eyes so no eye liner no mascara just eye shadow. I wear reading glasses too now but not all the time.

Hazy photos on purpose 😁

Laugh: I don’t consider myself a funny person naturally. I take a great deal of time warming up to people. I think it’s mainly trust issues. I went to dinner with a local friend a few weekends ago, and she told me I had a great laugh that I am always smiling and positive ( not when someone pisses me off 😉) and she missed that. I was bowled over. It’s interesting people’s perceptions of us. What I think is being nice someone else may consider over reaching. My mum always taught me to be kind to others because you never know when you are in a jam and need help.

Words: I’m a lover of words. If you read here I’m an alliteration freak. I think it’s because it challenges my brain and it’s a cacophony of creativity crawling carefully in the caverns of my cumulative thoughts.. One of the benefits of this blog is to download my moods and reflections into visual examples and hopefully find solace or synchronicity with others. That’s one of the goals anyway.

Soul: My favorite feature here because I think the true spirit of someone is their soul. I don’t always understand people’s behavior. Maybe I’m not supposed to. Maybe I should be grateful for those around me who inspire me, teach me, mold me, placate me, hug me, message me and love me.

What are your best features?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

Long Distance Love Affair

Sheena Easton’s song “Telefone” was a catchy 80s hit single for the Scottish singer that I danced to around my room when it came on the radio.

This week has been “headache “ week literally. Massive headache and neck pain for majority of the week started on Sunday night which I’m hoping is just sinus related as we’ve had much rain here since last weekend. When I get headaches I just want to crawl in bed and sleep. My anti socialite kicks in and I feel cranky, crabby, and crotchety😳. I generally abandon movies for music especially comfort music. If you know me well I have a number one music group that always brings me joy and the female lead singers recorded albums when the supergroup quietly split in 1983. Admittedly Frieda’s album to me was stronger than Agnetha’s but here are their hit singles:

But other comfort music includes Depeche Mode, The Police, Thompson Twins, Nirvana, Backstreet Boys/*NSYNC ( I could never tell them apart) and Barbra Streisand’s “Guilty” album. The Carpenters come into play when I feel down and blue.

What are your go to music comfort songs?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

Pen-blwydd Hapus

Birthdays to me are days to remember loved ones and friends. They come once a year and particularly the last year with the pandemic raging many birthdays can easily slip by unnoticed. Some people would rather forget birthdays while others quietly celebrate. As a gift giver birthdays to me are exciting and exceptional because I try to find unique gifts that speak to either a theme or the recipient’s personality or interests. Today a dear friend celebrates her day and I unabashedly celebrate her.

R: resourceful, resolute, radiantly beautiful inside and outside, romantic and Richarding

A: authentic, adaptable, adorable, accomplished, astral,!amused, and amazing

C: creative, clever, compassionate, crafting,calm, candid and curious

Cmas pressie 2019

Bday gift

H: heart warming, helpful, hospitable, happy, humorous and huggable

E: empathetic, easy going, efficient, engaging and effervescent

L: lovely, loving, loyal, listenable, and lively hair

As an Aries Rachel is determined, honest, confident, optimistic, passionate and courageous. Eddie Astrov and Florence adore their mummy. Her blog is always engaging and excellent.

What started out as fandom friends has grown for me into a close confidant and shoulder to cry on chum who I adore and admire with all my heart.

Happy Birthday Rachel! You are a blessing to all of us who love you and respect you!

Stay well stay safe ❤️❤️❤️

Be Kind Rewind

When I was growing up in the 1980s one technology I experienced was the video player. At the time BETA and VHS were in competition for each consumer’s attention. My dad chose BETA perhaps because it was smaller in size or he thought more easily accessible. But alas VHS became the victor.

We would have Saturday night movie nights and always a movie the whole family could watch. My mum would make popcorn heated up in the tin foil bags over the stove until she discovered the joys of the microwave oven ten years later. Some Saturday nights we would have ice cream ( usually Neopolitan:vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) with hot fudge sauce or Cool Whip. In those days renting a movie was a ritual. We did go to the cinema but those became more rarer as I got older. I think the only genre we never saw was westerns because my mum disliked them so much ( as do I ).

I’ve tried to replicate movie night since last year’s lockdown. Not always movies though I’ve watched Outlander, Lucifer, ER, The Practice, Boston Legal, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth version, Miranda, Eternal Law ( with new squeeze) , Queens Gambit, Dear White People, and the list goes on and on. My mood definitely plays a role in what I watch each Saturday night and the common thread is a need to feel uplifted. Living alone especially in a pandemic lockdown … well sucks. I admit the loneliness is tangible. I try to compensate in many ways some admittedly better than others to ward off feeling isolated and alienated. Having close friends has helped a great deal. Daydreaming about certain actors lessens some of the sting. And I reach out via many avenues to feel included, needed and loved. A helping hand goes a long way.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️


When I was a teen Duran Duran were the band my sister and I listened to faithfully. Their songs along with their videos made my heart race and my legs bop around. My favorite Duranie song was “Save A Prayer” with “Is There Something I Should Know?” a close second. The lyrics were cute and ridiculous but for me they appealed to my youth. Although I wasn’t a fan of Power Station and Arcadia the two independent projects the boys did in the mid 1980s I did like the fact that they really didn’t give a damn what people thought about them. If you liked them fab if you didn’t that’s ok.

One Direction seem to be the Duranies of the last ten to twelve years. I didn’t even know about them until “ Story of My Life”. And when they took a break gasp 😦 the world stopped for many teens and tweens. But I’ve discovered Harry Styles song “Golden” and I adore it! I like the lyric As I open my eyes, Hold it, focus, hoping. I think we are hoping to find love, meaning, trust, resolution and dare I say closure. Moving forward for some is quite easy for others it seems a century away. But taking care of yourself mentally and physically is Golden. I don’t wanna be alone……

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

Kvell Everyone

Spring has started to spruce here in Virginia. My huge tree in my front yard is finally starting to bloom some faux cherry blossoms. For the second year in a row I won’t go downtown Washington DC to view the cherry blossom trees or walk around the monuments which I used to take the pups to until 2014. This month I’ll be in my townhouse ten years but that’s a separate blog post. Spring used to be subtle to me. Slight temperature changes where off came my heavy winter parka in exchange for an in between moto jacket and/or heavy cardigan or short trench coat.

Spring means renewal, rejuvenation, recommencement, renovation, revivify, refreshment and replenishment. The flowers begin to bloom, the birds come out to sing their songs and the air is softer, the sky bluer as we wake up from winter’s slumber. I didn’t really get the full effect of Spring because in recent years where I live we’ve jumped from winter’s arctic bite to more tolerable temperatures without even a blink. Although I am a fall and winter gal I do embrace the serenity of Spring. I’ve put a bird feeder in my backyard for the first time. I’ve started cleaning up the dead debris and left over dried out leaves from last fall. My boots will be tucked away in my hall closet in exchange for Converse Allstars and loafers. And it’s time for a new bike and a climb out of my winter skin.

Look closely a squirrel 🐿 just raided by bird feeder
Not real! I love the richness though

Where my nieces live huge tree blooming

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

Guest Blog Space Wars

Squirrel (Radagast) has kindly written a guest blog post based of her viewing on subjects inspired by Space Sweepers on Netflix.

Hello dears,

Here are my newbie thoughts about my last topic of interest.
I wish you “une bonne lecture”:

“Real Space Wars versus Movie Fiction Current News”

Space inspired the first steps of  Mélies a stalwart of early cinema,.

Since then space has always been a subject of inspiration, change of scenery, and a source of wonder.
It reminds me of “Avatar” a 2009 film that raised a lot of mindful questions. Therefore this uncommon movie became my first focus on the subject of Science Fiction.,_2009)

Nowadays, while Richard Armitage is performing in the movie “Space Sweepers”
Could we ask ourselves the question: Could space war been expected for today, tomorrow or the next days?

Dreamers are listening to the first recording of the sound of the wind on Mars, by Perseverance while others have been around for a long time, in arms races, for a likely called war in space.

In 2007 China sent a missile to destroy one of its old weather satellites, demonstrating their ability to reach these precious orbital vessels.

In 2008 USA followed on a toxic hydrazin tank satellite. Then came the top-secret X-37B spacecraft stories…

In 2016 China also launched a test satellite equipped with a grapple arm for hooking up to other satellites. The official goal was to combat space debris, But such a tool could be useful in destroying foreign equipment

In 2017 at 36,000 km above ground level, in a geostationary orbit, the Franco-Italian very high speed civil-military telecommunications satellite “Athena Fidus” was approached by a Russian satellite “Louch-Olymp”.

In 2019 India successfully destroyed one of their satellite with missile fire. The object, located in space in low earth orbit (300 km above the ground), was destroyed within 3 minutes.

Last year Washington accused Russia of “conducting a non-destructive test of an anti-satellite weapon from space.

Today France, Germany and the USA military soldiers are joining forces to support the “Aster X 2021” project..
The codenamed Aster X is a nod to the first French satellite: Asterix, launched in 1965.

According to Wikipedia the satellite’s name was originally A-1 (A for army). After the successful launch, it was renamed Astérix in honor of the comic book hero.érix — Wikipédia

The Aster X exercises have been organized since Monday March 8 and until Friday March 12. It is a “first” in Europe. France is leading the first military space exercise in its history, in order to assess its satellite protection and surveillance capabilities, announced Tuesday, March 9, General Michel Friedling, head of the Space Command (CDE). “stress test of our systems” in order to assess future needs. It also aims to support the rise of the CDE, a new command installed in Toulouse and which will include 500 staff members in 2025. The United States and Germany are involved too.

Either way it is better to hope that like nuclear bombs today, these new weapons would not be used. The consequences would be catastrophic because of the debris released into space. Space is already saturated with flying bins: Space would need international cooperation more than orbital warfare and new satellite destruction tests.

I am dubious, and speechless that there is too much (“wasted” ) money.

The current challenges that would require more investment are so numerous, including: the issues of global warming, the population movements, the lack of drinking water, the Covid pandemy tragedies ,.. Here in 2019 was a scientist’s answer in request to such arguments, protestson radio France Inter.
Definitly, Space is actually a prime topical subject in all fields.For example, the Russian anti – Covid vaccine was named after the first satellite sent around the earth, in 1957. The conquest of space was launched. And I think I have come full circle.

Of course ultimately, the sinews of war are the control of means of telecommunication.
But lulled by our film culture, the satellites used by armies around the world are often fantasized. What are they for ?What about their abilities? They are not opened to the public lights, but they too cannot match fiction. We know a lot more about you thanks to your phone…

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️

Bad Boys ?

Sometimes a conversation sparks an idea which turns into a blog post. I had asked a question in my favorite’s questionnaire regarding some of Richie’s more devilish characters. The question was inspired by and devoted to a fellow fandom friend Jane ( Armidreamer who’s got a fabulous blog who coined the term gimlet stare. If I’ve learned nothing else in Armitage land it’s that phrase. So I thought I’d devote this post to the bad boys about town who have staked a BB in my brain as scoundrels, skulkers, sex gods, and smoldering should have known betters.

Francis Dolarhyde: Francis is misunderstood because he was mentally unhinged a bit developing a fetish for biting his victims ( nicknamed the Tooth Fairy). But Francis came to love Reba who saw beyond his infirmities without really seeing his true identity.

John Mulligan: The drug dealer who lures an old high school flame herself lost and lonely by wooing her and making promises he’ll never keep. In the end does she get the last word in or does John?

John Bateman from Spooks: John really the antithesis of his alter ego Lucas North was a cruel writers joke to me as I kept thinking the whole Series 9 of Spooks was a bad dream sequence. John kills a computer hacker, kills the real Lucas North and obtains his identity and gets Leila the supposed love of his life killed. I thought Series 9 was pretty convoluted until I watched Series 3 of Berlin Station.

Heinz Kruger in Captain America First Avenger movie: a blink and you miss him ( which I almost did) as the tall bloke in glasses and nice suit who almost blew up the exhibition lab. Heinz we never really get to meet beyond a smirk and a deathly stare as he nearly escapes Captain America’s (Chris Evans) hands and yes water before succumbing to a deadly pill.

Then there’s my always clean shaven can’t grow a beard new crush who makes a huge memorable turn as the baddest baddie of them all Black Jack Randall in Outlander

Who’s a baddie you fancy?

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️❤️

Half Full

I’ve been trying to break out of my music comfort zone and have a listen to 2021 music. One song that I jam to is Dua Lipa’s Levitating. I really like the melodies and catchiness of her voice. It’s very upbeat and uplifting two emotions I think one can never get enough of. I should be happy and relieved now for many reasons, but I still stick my foot in my mouth on some subjects behind closed doors. I think partly because I feel comfortable discussing certain topics with close friends, but also the venting and yes ranting helps the bottleneck inside. I’m not sure the other end wants to hear me which I can certainly understand and leads me to the question: how much is too much revealing here or privately with friends?

The song according to Dua is about feeling happy meeting someone and connecting with them. I feel that way about the new crush. My old crush apparently just changed his Twitter description and I’m crestfallen. Part of the reason I really connected with him was his moody anti socialite self.

My new crush is much simpler in concept. Just breathe. Stop and smell the roses. Try to look at the positives. I get that now more then ever and I’m not saying be happy all the time. That’s absurd. But take the days when there is low energy and rest rejuvenate release. My sugar boo. He can take me for a ride any ole time. We’re renegading.

Stay safe stay well ❤️❤️